@gunowners @larrypratt Larry Pratt joins Pastor Greg to discuss ATF Obama and a Ted Cruz Presidential Run

The ATF has backed off from their original plan, but to assume that they are thru going after our guns is pie in the sky thinking. At every level the Obama ideology is driving the regulatory bodies. The ATF is no different and Obama seems undeterred in his efforts to attack the second amendment. If the ATF won’t do it will use Executive orders or Memorandums to try to accomplish his agenda. Larry Pratt joins Pastor Greg to discuss these issues and what does a Ted Cruz Presidency mean to Gun Owners of America?

Also on the program Scott Coren a former atheist progressive living in England, Scott will share with us what the attacks on Christianity, the embrace of secular humanism and the Islamic and Homosexual agendas being given special treatment and how that is affecting England. Are we by our policies headed to that place too?

Listen here:

@larrypratt @scottcoren @doseghostman They are after your guns!

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