Here are links to the information discussed on todays Chosen Generation Show

On the program today I spoke about the Navigator program to enroll people in Obamacare. James O’Keefe who uncovered the fraud being committed by ACORN and Wade Rathke has uncovered the new scam being perpetrated by many of the same people. Here is a link to the video. It is about 10 Minutes long please check it out.

Also please be aware that the Romeike case of the German family who are being deported after an asylum judge who hears thousands of these cases deemed that they met the requirements but this administration has sued to have them thrown out of the country. They are homeschoolers and Christians. This administration has by the briefs they have filed showed an animosity to both of those freedoms. On November 17th the Supreme Court will decide if they will hear this case. Here is a link to the story:

On the second half of the program we heard from Alice Linahan. She is being attacked by Thomas Ratliff who is a Microsoft lobbyist who is also a sitting and voting member of the Texas State Board of Education. Thomas is directly involved in decisions that have to do with curriculum produced and supported by his client. Yet he has filed an Ethics complaint against Alice Linahan stating that she must be listed as a lobbyist to raise her voice in opposition to his antics.

ALice has launched Can I See a movement to tell teachers and superintendents and administrators in education that we the parents want to have access to our children’s curriculum and to view their lessons.

These are School Districts who have applied for Federal Funding which will mean that they are bringing Common Core into our districts here in Texas of they are granted the funds.

The Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals talks about misinformation and how to get what you want even after you have been exposed. Here is a perfect example as the change of names is intended to get you off the scent of the stink that this common core curriculum creates. It is here and it is dangerous.

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