I am on Facebook restriction

Apparently if you post pro Israel, pro American and anti Islamic Jihadist posts on Facebook they will lock you out of your account. Imagine that, censorship for a white Christian Pastor in America, but no surprise. Per the regime leader I am responsible for the actions of ISIS, rioters and all that is wrong in the world today. God’s word says we are all children of Adam and therefore able to be redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for all of our sins. The devil is the one behind the race baiting and division we see today. Jesus prayer in John 17 was for a unity in the body of Christ, like that between the Father and the Son. This is to be a sign to the world. That is why these workers of iniquity continue to provoke division and hate while promoting the very things that God himself has called an abomination. Apparently Facebook censors truth.

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