If #blacklivesmatter wanted to make a difference @derrickwilburn @brandondarby @rushlimbaugh @Doug_giles @jmattbarber

If ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ were legit the money from ACORN wouldn’t matter and they would be protesting planned parenthood the number one killer of black lives. They would be patrolling their own neighborhoods and put a stop to black on black crime and they would not encourage attacks by blacks on whites. They also would not lawlessly take stages and be disrespectful. They would realize that ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬ and that by behaving like they do, they would actually make a difference. Instead they are useful idiots, a Sal Alinsky term, for the communists and the very “progressives” they were protesting in Seattle. Who is it that knows they are useful idiots and treats them like it? Not the “whites” they attack, but it is their handlers in the DNC, the very group that did not pay them and the “leaders” of their movement Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Soros, Holder and Jarret.

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