Ignite the Fire and Chosen Generation guest schedule for this week

Greetings Friends!!

I want to thank you again for coming out to the Ignite the Fire event on July 30th at Southern Oaks Baptist Church. I received a lot of positive feedback and I appreciate that the event had value to those who were there. I believe that Avi’s speech on the danger that Western Culture is in especially due to the moral depravity issues was timely. JoAnn Fleming and Dale Huls gave us a real picture of the State of Texas and quite frankly we better wake up because the phony conservative banter that the leadership and others are trying to foist upon us is at the very least disconcerting and probably borders on a complete misrepresentation of the facts. Our border is not secure, our religious liberties have been forfeited and our state is in debt. If you have not watched the video you truly need to. Ed Shuler has produced a double DVD set and the price is the same $8. Grassroots Texas must awaken or the purple color will quickly turn blue.

Here is the link for JoAnn Fleming and Dale Huls: http://youtu.be/DNsf7Qv8Iug

Link to Blog Post of Letter from Grassroots to Texas Leadership: http://wp.me/p1yzHN-o9

I am excited to announce two more speakers that will discuss topics that I believe that you will find very interesting. I did hear some concerns regarding the length of the program and I apologize that this past month was so very long. Avi and I got our signals crossed and he missed the signal that we had discussed. I also had Congressman Lamar Smith at the event and I miscalculated how long it would take for each segment. I am thankful again for all that participated and truly believe it was valuable. However I am committed to being done by 7:45 and giving some time to mingle with the speakers. That being said I hope that you and all your friends will join me on August 27th at 6 PM. We are again meeting at Southern Oaks Baptist Church 122 N Valley View Drive Kerrville.

Jade Helm has been on many peoples minds and the Governor even has asked the Texas State Guard to monitor the exercise. Citizens also became concerned and one of those is Eric Johnston, a retired firefighter and sheriff’s deputy. He is a surveillance team leader here in Texas for the Counter Jade Helm effort. Eric will give us an update on what they have observed and what they are hearing both in Texas and through the command post in Arizona being run by former Marine Peter Lanteri.

Our feature presenter for the night will be Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby. Brandon was with me here two years ago and since that time he has led Breitbart Texas to be one the most respected news outlets in the country. Breitbart Texas has broken the border stories that no one wants told. They have revealed the cartel threat, the Islamic threat and border insecurity. Brandon recently was a panel guest at Right On Line to answer the question regarding his dearly departed friend the late Andrew Breitbart, “What would Breitbart do?” Wherever he goes he is viciously attacked by the left for his role in stopping the bombing of the RNC in 2008. Brandon will be discussing the border security issue here in Texas as he is probably the foremost expert on the subject. He was also in Baltimore in May during the riots and was at the shooting in Garland. Brandon has a wealth of knowledge to share and I am confident you will leave very informed.

Just a quick reminder that I have started a third hour of programming on KERV 1230 AM, so I am now on from 9 to 11 AM CST and from 2 to 3 PM CST. We will be taking up an offering to assist in covering the costs of this additional hour for the months of August and September and to keep the show on the air. Also to assist with the costs of the Ignite the Fire event and bless our speakers and the church.

Chosen Generation Schedule for August 11 to 14:

Tuesday August 11th
9 AM CST Brigitte Gabrielle Act for America
9:30 AM CST Michael Daugherty Devil Inside the Beltway, Our Airlines are under siege, why is anonymous at the #blacklivesmatter protests?
10 AM CST (ret) Col Patrick Murray What does the retiring Army Generals comments tell us about the military and the CIC?
10:30 AM CST Derrick Wilburn American Conservatives of Color Ferguson erupts again #alllivesmatter
2PM Your calls (830) 792 5378

Wednesday August 12th
9 AM CST Crista Huff Financial Investor Portfolio Manager, Is TPP really dead? Upheaval at the meetings.
9:30 AM CST John Leboutillier Former Congressman (R-NY) TV Host, Trump seems immune to the faux pas that have derailed others what could derail him?
10 AM CST Dan Gainor VP Business and Culture MRC in the BC Zone
10:30 AM CST James Williamson News and Views
2 PM CST Call in (830) 792 5378
2:30 PM CST Joseph Klein UN Correspondent, Obama misrepresents and lies about Iran Deal

Thursday August 13th
9 AM CST Stephen Halbrook Gun Control in the Third Reich Are we seeing it here?
9:30 AM CST Chris Mitchell CBN Middle East Correspondent Shocking new information coming out of the Middle East on ISIS and Iran
10 AM CST Ronald Kessler Best Selling Non Fiction Author, The Two Donald’s. Who is Donald Trump?
10:30 AM CST Todd Gaziano Pacific Legal Foundation Clean Power Plan to destroy the coal industry
2 to 3 PM CST Call in (830) 792 5378

Friday August 14th
9 AM CST Don Jans Pulling Back the Curtain and Joe Messina Hillary Supporters want her to repeal the Bill of Rights
9:30 AM CST Don Jans Pulling Back the Curtain
10 AM CST Bethany Blankley Renegade Radio Washington Times Townhall Elective Despotism Welcome to Oz
2 PM CST Call in (830) 792-5378
2:30 PM CST Michelle Seller Tucker Has the heat gone out on the First Debate? Polls are in what do they tell us?

Hope you will tune in and hope you will plan to attend.

In His service,

Pastor Greg

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