#IranianNukes #ObamaBetrayal @AviDavis22 Joined Pastor Greg @doseghostman on Chosen Generation

Obama has created a dangerous situation in the Middle East as he has forged a new order and abandoned America’s allies. In Israel Obama has a 6% approval rating, the worst of any sitting American President in the nations history. His recent efforts to unseat Prim Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are only a small reason for the disapproval ratings. As Obama has aligned America with Tehran, the Iranians have aligned with China and North Korea.This has forced Israel to seek allies in other areas and pushed them into an uneasy relationship with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The potential for permanent damage and the creation of competing caliphates by emboldening the Mullahs in Iran and the continued rise of ISIS could leave America and the western world in a precarious position for years to come. Avi Davis spoke with Pastor Greg live from Israel, and in the final segment they were joined by Paul Janiczek, former Aide and Diplomat under Ambassador John Bolton. Don’t miss this vital information:


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