#ISIS Rapes 5 year old girls and sells them witness says Listen Here https://app.box.com/s/zn32j0qk66ux08hjo8v444aor0ha9bbo #CCOT @glennbeck @elrushborush @bosnerdley

ISIS has been slaughtering Christians at a genocidal rate. As recently as 2004 there were 1.8 million Christians in Iraq. Today there are 300,000 or less. Where is the media outrage? Where is the UN intervention? In fact the UN recently said that Israel has the worst record for treatment of women in the world. Really? ISIS is taking girls as young as five and gang raping them before selling them off to sex slave traders. Mike MacIntosh joined Pastor Greg to share the devastation that he witnessed in a recent trip to Iraq. His direct encounters with young girls that had fled or been rescued from ISIS. Hear the story of what happened to two sisters, who at first were led to believe that they were being taken to a better place. Listen as Mike discusses his conversations with Iraqi Christians and if you can bear it hear his pleas as he shares watching and speaking to girls who were severely traumatized by ISIS. No one is talking about this and the churches are to responding. Orange clothes are not going to stop the utter destruction of the Christians in the middle east. Listen to this dynamic story here:


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