Islam’s Sixth Pillar really exists and it makes radical look normal, Texas under attack, Can the GOP get their act together, What is up in Argentina, Are more civilian slaughters on the way?

Dear Friends,

I pray that this finds you well. I wanted to let you know that I am no longer broadcasting on Guerilla Media Network. Over the past few weeks it became apparent that some of the views expressed by Pete Santilli of GMN were not compatible with my views. In particular were the attacks on Israel, attacks on guests of my program including Senator Ted Cruz, Michael Ferris and the Convention of States, Brandon Darby and some rather extreme views on America as a nation. Pete’s attack on Eric Brown a retired Special Operations Army Ranger and DIA Interrogator led to the termination of the relationship. I wish him well and I know that God has other doors that are more in line with who I am and what Chosen Generation is really about. One of those should begin within the month and I am excited for it.

As I noted in my last message the future of Texas and this nation will be a vital part of this Legislative session in Texas and in Washington DC. Unfortunately in both cases votes were cast out of fear of reprisal. What does it say that our government has been hijacked to the point that retribution has to be one of th considerations when casting your ballot in the House of Representatives, whether in Washington DC or Austin? We the people were ignored because bully politics were employed against our will. Let us not forget those who perpetrated these illegal acts and those who silently coalesced to these tactics.

I want to give you a preview of upcoming guests this week:

Tomorrow, at 9 am I will be joined by Connor Boyack, author of “Feardom”. How do events like Charlie Hedbo create fear? What does fear do to control people? Why should we reject the idea of passivity and fight back against the evil that is being forced on us?

Alice Linahan joins me to discuss the protests against the call to protect the false prophet. The events in Garland and Houston were Texans standing up and saying “Not in our towns!” Join me to hear from Alice a report on these events.

Derrick Wilburn joins me from American Conservatives of Color to discuss the role conservatives can play in the national dialogue about race and its effect in our society. What is the message from conservatives on MLK day? Where are the gatherings of conservatives and the outreach to other like minded individuals of color? What has been the effect of the riots and the hate filled race baiting of the likes of Al Sharpton?

On Wednesday Dan Gainor joins me for the BC Zone. A recap of the State of the Union will certainly be on the agenda.

Dan Perkins joins me to discuss how political correctness is leading to massive terrorist activity both overseas and right here in the USA by making us vulnerable to attack.

Roger Flemming joins me to discuss how Mitch McConnell and the newly elected GOP seem bent on selling us out on immigration and how their lawless acts might well destroy our nation.

Jeff Crouere of Ringside Politics joins me to discuss how Mitt, Jeb and Chris could possibly be the front runners for a Republican party that seems to have forgotten McCain and Romney from the past. Seriously? More spineless centrists? No thank you!!

Eric Brown is back to discuss the world through the eyes of a front line combat veteran. Defending our constitution and liberties was not just a part time gig for Eric, it was a life or death commitment and he never backed down. Still does not.

Paul Janiczek joins me to discuss A dead prosecutor in Argentina, rumors of secret oil deals, pardons for terrorists, death threats, Hezbollah money deals. Was it murder or suicide? The latest on the death of Mr. Nisman. Also what does the continued release of Gitmo prisoners meant to our nations defenses.

William Fortschen joins me to discuss the parallels between his novel Day of Wrath and the Charlie Hedbo attack. William is a prolific writer and best selling New York Times author.

I close the week out with Don Jans Pulling back the curtain and analysis on the Obama State of the Union and a Lenin/Marx speech.

Jennifer LeClaire will then join me for A Dose of the Ghost. After this week I am sure we will all be ready for an infusion of God’s Holy Spirit.

One final note. In case you missed today, it was a powerful show, from Michael Connelly and what the VA has told our Veterans. There is something in this that they do not want us to find out and the hacking of a private firms computer and theft of documents is the tip of the iceberg.

Also, Professor Paul Sutliff has written a new book “Civilization Jihad” . Is there a radical element to Islam as the White House would like us to believe? Is the Muslim Brotherhood a friendly group? Is there another pillar of Islam that the left and Islam have hidden? Tune in to learn the truth. Finally, is the Kelvin Cochran case cause for concern? Kelvin is the former Fire Chief for the City of Atlanta that was terminated because he wrote his biblical opinion about homosexual behavior in a book he privately published. This is about freedom of conscience, the first amendment and whether or not we are slaves to our schools, employers and the government. Yes if Kelvin loses it means that we have all been put into slavery. To learn why tune in as Jeremy Dys of Liberty Institute and I discuss it.

Stay tuned in at

In His service and for His purpose,

Pastor Greg

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