It is Wednesday and that means it is time for the BC Zone with my friend Dan Gainor

Dear Friends,

If you did not have an opportunity to tune in to the show for Tuesday, Alice Linahan made a surprise appearance. Did you know that in Texas, apparently if you want to express your political views and you want to get your friends to join you then according to Thomas Ratlliff, Texas State Board of Education member, you must be registered as a lobbyist. Alice has had a complaint filed against her with the Ethics Committee, for her activities as a concerned mother after she identified that Ratliff is a paid lobbyists for Microsoft, and is trying to get curriculum economically favorable to his client to be adopted by Texas schools. If you have followed the Common Core and CSCOPE issue then you will be aware that the effort to force these programs and keep these programs in our schools has not ceased. In fact where CSCOPE once was it still is and as they promised healthier and more entrenched than ever. Since we have no seated legislature and since the previous session failed to firmly address the issue, like mice left to their own devices, these rats have taken over the ship. They are even more emboldened knowing there is little that can threaten their advance. However all is mt lost so please tune in to get an update from Alice and to hear how the Gestapo like tactics of the left are being used here in Texas.
Also on the show I report on the fraud being perpetrated by the Navigator program here in Texas. Did you know Wayne Radke the founder of ACORN is at it again? Also an update on the Romeike case which is being taken to the Supreme Court to see if they will hear the case on November 17th. New Jersey freedom of speech in public forums is under attack especially if you are an evangelist, and is the liberal media accurate in its portrayal of the Pope on his policies. Check it out here:

Its Wednesday and that means it is time to enter the BC Zone with my good friend Dan Gainor. On the program today;

MSNBC has a new ad running that appears to be an Obama political propaganda piece. Plus they are promoting a racial war by stating that a little girl who appears in a Cheerios commercial with biracial parents has been viciously attacked. The wild, wild left.

Must be an NBC thing, first NBC says the GOP better bury the Tea Party, then Brian Williams touts Obamas “direct apology”. SO have we missed something here? Lets see the Resident apologized??? and the Tea Party conservatives are the problem?

Jay Leno hosted Ted Cruz on his show. Asked when will they stop dragging morals into the conversation. Is Ted going to shut down the government in February. Hey Jay, I have a question, how do you feel about the sex education classes being taught in Massachusetts? Homosexuality is identified in their system as normal sexual behavior, therefore in Health Education it is taught. How to perform the homosexual acts are discussed along with the heterosexual acts. Fisting for best effect. Just wondering Jay, when you close your eyes do you imagine your son or daughter being taught these techniques at school? Being encouraged to explore these activities with their friends? Just a question.

Bill Clinton attacks Obama on his broken promises. Benghazi continues to be buried, in fact threats continue to arise to those who might come forward. CBS forced to retract its story as the source is discredited. Is all this to pave the way for a 2016 Hillary run? How much mud will be slung Obama during the next two years.

Democrats want unannounced home searches. Australia calls the environmental farce for what it is, an attempt to push socialism on the world.

On the second half of the program James Williamson joins me for Not in My Town. Be sure to tune in and get informed. You are God’s Chosen Generation!

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