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Dear Friends,

It is Wednesday and that means it is time to enter in to the BC Zone. Joining me to do this is my friend Dan Gainor, Vice President of Media Research Center, where we flush PC down the toilet. On the program today, the NFL is a buzz with the news that Michael Sam from Missouri made an announcement that he is gay. The fact that he is actively pursuing the homosexual life style is hardly news worthy since it seems the media would like us to believe that half the country is. The fact that only 2 to 3% at most are seems to escape them. What is really alarming to me is that the head of the NFLPA DeMaurice Smith has made a point to call out General Managers who might be questioning the wisdom in drafting him. Why? Because the media will turn this into a circus. If a coach does not play him it will be because he is a homosexual. If he gets cut it will be because he is a homosexual. Teammates will be asked how do they feel about showering with him? But that is not what has me riled up about this. What bothers me is the bias. DeMaurice has said the NFLPA will be there to defend Michael and any similar player, but where were they when Tim Tebow was under attack for his faith? No where to be found.

Obamacare is back in the news. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has released a report showing that Obamacare will kill 2.5 Million jobs. Just what this economy needs right? This is exactly what the opponents to this said would happen. And how does the administration respond? This is a good thing it means more time to spend with your family. Another Obamacare issue that has arisen is that there is another delay. The “it’s the law” argument so vehemently touted during the Ted Cruz filibuster by both the Democrats and the RINO’s seems to have lost its water but don’t tell then that. Obama continues to by pass Congress and change this law when ever and however he likes and NO one covers it ans NO one does anything about it that has any teeth.

Finally Cecille Richards our gift to the nation and head of Planned Parenthood says that a great Valentines gift for women is an abortion. Yep there you have it, the way to show a women she is loved on valentine’s day is to send her to an abortion clinic. This is the real problem. For most of us it is just unfathomable that someone could be serious and say something this disgusting and evil. We can not hardly wrap our minds around this kind of a depraved mind. Celebrate valentines day by tearing a part the child in your lovers womb? This is the kind of sick we are dealing with. I sincerely pray that Texas will wake up before it is too late.

I also want to take a moment to recognize the passing of Shirley Temple Black. Shirley Temple was the epitome of American beauty. She exhibited all of our best qualities and she was America’s little girl. Oh for the days when Shirley Temple was the box star. When Hollywood glamorized the bad girls and the stories always focused on the child star gone bad, Shirley Temple reminded us that all was not lost. Thank you Shirley Temple Black for being a role model we can embrace.

As always Dan and I have a habit of running off script so you will have to tune in to see exactly what we do. On the second half of the program I will be joined by James Williamson for our Not in My Town segment. James always has plenty to share on the issues of the day with his own unique approach.

If you missed the program today you missed Carol Everret a former abortion clinic owner who had an encounter with Jesus Christ and who now has the Heidi Project. It was a powerful interview and a time for healing for those who have been through an abortion. Also, Carol offered her endorsement of Karen Harris for District 53 State Representative. Karen joined me to share about her concerns and reason for running and her stance on the moral issues.
If the foundation is is unfounded then the entire house will crumble. I can not understand this continual effort to minimize the debate over character and moral under pinnings. Do you really want a thief running for the House or the Senate? Do we want someone who has no sense of the marriage vows making decisions on our behalf? I worked in Air Force intelligence and one of the issues that was considered a huge security risk was a person of questionable morals. Why? Because when you must rely on their integrity which is all the time, if there is no real moral barometer then by what means will they weigh right and wrong? I want a representative who holds to biblical values. Not some one that holds to some other book and not someone who thinks they are virtuous all by themselves. Not someone who thinks virtue is of no importance either. If you want a balanced budget and the kinds of laws that benefit a people you had better have good people representing you. Godly men and women in office are this nations only hope for a turn around and it starts at the local level. When you go to the polls be sure you know what kind of person you are voting for.

I want to thank you for your support and prayers. I am struggling with the financial aspect of this endeavor. I truly do not want to sound beggarly and I ask your forgiveness if I have come across in that manner. I guess because I wear the suit that folks might make certain assumptions. The fact is I truly receive absolutely no compensation for this endeavor. I cover my expenses in gas and some meals while I am performing my duties on the show, but as for any salary, there is none. My family receives no compensation for the time I am away from them. I know neither does yours. But in reality if this were a paying job your family receives the benefit associated with the lifestyle they get to live based on your income. The expenses for the program are $2000 a month for the show. I drive every day to and from Bandera. So far we have had one car toasted to the point it is not effective to fix. I drive a 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max. It gets about 14 miles to the gallon. I spend about $100 to $125 a week in gas and have been blessed to do trade on repairs. I end up eating a couple of inexpensive meals a day. The total expenses are about $3000 a month. The new opportunity to expand will cost an additional $1000 a month. As I have mentioned the KSLR opportunity is going to cost about $2500 a month. I truly feel that this is a call of God to do and so I press on toward the mark of the high calling of Jesus Christ. This nation and this state and the people in it are of great value to God. This is the gift I have been given. As most of you probably know 10 years ago I was given 3 to 6 months to live yet I am here. It costs me about $350 a month for the medications, all natural, that I take to keep going. This is what is needed at this time. At some point I would like to have these expenses covered by the program. Currently I am getting by with the sponsors and donations. Each month brings its challenges. I know God has this covered and I hope that you are not offended by me sharing from my heart. I do not know any other way to be but transparent. I have nothing to hide and I know that in each of these details is a testimony waiting to happen. Again thank you and if you would like to support this effort I am most appreciative. Thank you and God bless you. Remember together we can turn this thing around!

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