#JadeHelm15 Eric Brown and Paul Janiczek join Pastor Greg Chosen Generation

The coming Military exercise which is coming to the southern United States has been cast as a covert operation by this administration to do everything from take down power grids to the internment of all true patriots. Some of these sources are very questionable while others can be classified as reliable. So what do we make of an operation of this magnitude? Is this a simple exercise or an attempt to create a national crisis? What about the UN troop sightings, the purging of the military of Constitutional commanders who opposed this Administration, the anti Christian policies, the DHS involvement, the continual disinformation of the last 50 years and the chain of command. Why were certain groups included and other elements excluded? Eric Brown a retired Army Ranger with Special Operations and DIA, and Paul Janiczek former Aide to Ambassador John Bolton, a Diplomat and a soldier joined Pastor Greg to take a further look at this exercise and what it might mean.

Listen here: (begins at 28;00)


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