#jadehelm15 #USmilitaryinvasion @megynkelly @doseghostman Pastor Greg sets the record straight with Army SO Ranger DIA Ret. Eric Brown

You have probably heard about the invasion of Military Operations set to take place from July to September 2015. There are a number of sites that are proclaiming that this is the work of the Obama Administration and the beginning of martial law and FEMA camps for American dissenters. This information was initially presented to Pastor Greg and Chosen Generation last summer to investigate under the condition that it would not be released if there was no threat identified. Using sources Pastor Greg ran checks on his side, while Ret. Special Operations Army Ranger DIA Eric Brown used his sources and the Operation checked out. That is why it was not brought up on the program. Now that there has been so much written and said about it, along with national news coverage, Pastor Greg and Eric felt it was necessary to share what they discovered and make sure people had truth to combat rampant disinformation campaigns. The real goal of this anti Police and anti military rhetoric is to further push the agenda to federalize our enforcement agencies. lets remember that the Special Forces would be the last ones to take unlawful of unconstitutional orders so to vilify them fits the needed agenda. Raven 23 and other Special Operations background personnel have already been persecuted and falsely charged as a part of this large scale plan. On todays program Eric joined Pastor Greg and Don Jans to share what their investigations uncovered. That portion starts at about 26:00 into the program. You can listen here. Please share these facts with your friends:


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