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Jeremy Dys, Senior Counsel at Liberty Institute, joined Pastor Greg to discuss the impact of a world without any religious protections. Pork at a Muslim deli? You bet. How does #RFRA protect businesses and what have we lost when we have no protection? Apple, Alaska Airlines, NCAA, NASCAR and Angie’s List among others threatened to stop doing business with the evil state of Indiana because of their #RFRA law. Yet Apple does business with some of the most extreme religious fanatics in the world.Saudi Arabia, UAE and Turkey are all under Islamic rule and Sharia law. Women are routinely raped and murdered. Genital mutilation is common and killing homosexuals is mandated. Yet Apple has business sites focused on marketing those countries and blames the US government policies for being unable to seek to Iran and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. There is hope for our religious freedoms here in America and it is found in you!

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