@jleclaire @charismamag Jennifer LeClaire joins Pastor Greg Good Friday Gospel adresses sin

Jennifer LeClaire, Senior Editor Charisma Magazine, joins Pastor Greg each week at 10:30 AM CST for A Dose of the Ghost Segment on Chosen Generation. This week we discussed the gospels message as we reflected on Good Friday. Is there room to discuss sin when discussing the gospel of Jesus Christ? Paul calls out sin in 1 Corinthians 5 which leads to the restoration of this lost son. How can we sit by and allow sin to run rampant in the church without sharing truth? Are we not commanded to share the correction for the purpose of seeing souls saved? What about the engagement with the world? How do we confront the vicious attack upon Christianity like the one in Indiana, the Florist in Washington or the Naval Chaplain?

Listen to Jennifer and Pastor Greg as they discuss these issues here:


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