#KillaryforPrison #HillaryforJail #BiasMedia @reagan_baby #RefugeeInvasion Scott Coren #DishonoredVets @MichaelMRobertC #ProgressivePope @therightswriter @lifesite

#KillaryforPrison #HillaryforJail #BiasMedia @reagan_baby #RefugeeInvasion Scott Coren #DishonoredVets @MichaelMRobertC #ProgressivePope @therightswriter @lifesite

#HillaryforJail #BiasMedia was put on notice last night as their heroine #Killary was called a criminal and told she belonged in jail. Millions of frustrated Americans cheered last night as Donald Trump said what we had all been thinking for years and wishing someone would tell them. Bill Clinton was impeached and is a rapist and Hillary Clinton belongs in Jail. Will that be enough to win the White House? Megan Barth Reagan Baby.com weighs in.

Scott Coren will call in live form London England with a European reaction to the debate and an update on the ongoing refugee issues in England and Europe. Read Scott Corens book now: Matthew 13:44

Michael Connelly has updated information on the on going abuses that our veterans are facing. Our veterans are under attack and their rights are being taken by an administration that is hostile to our traditional military values. Now they are being assaulted at High School football games with disgraceful displays against our flag and the anthem that these men and women fought to protect.
Cornell School District
1099 Maple Street, Coraopolis, PA 15108
Phone: 412-264-5010
Aaron Thomas Superintendent intentionally embarrassed and made a spectacle of these WWII vets. Call and demand his resignation for teaching youth to spit upon the flag.
Read Michael’s Blog here! Get Michael’s book here: The Rag

Ben Johnson Lifesite News Is this the Pope that leads to apostasy? Once again the Pope leans to the liberal progressive side with his recent appointments. Was Tim Kaine on to something with his position on abortion? Can a Christian support abortion, same sex marriage and euthanasia and still be Christian? Will there be a split in the Catholic church if the Pope moves too far left? www.lifesitenews.com

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