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Legislation Advocacy – The Week Ahead
June 16th is the last day Gov. Perry can VETO bills that have come to his desk. Now the Governor is probably a little preoccupied with preparing for his “next step” in the political arena and needs our help to re-focus on his current responsibilities. He may also need some help remembering his legislative priorities he set before the 83rd legislative session began. So, that’s where we come in with words of encouragement.

CALL BOMB Monday June 10th 8:00am to 8:00pm
Call the Governor’s Office 800-843-5789 or 512-463-2000
Remind Him of His Legislative Priorities
Encourage Him to Take Recommended Action on the Following Bills

SB-1 and HB-1025 General and supplemental appropriation bills.
Status: On the Governor’s desk
Recommendation: STRONGLY AGAINST
Research: Real Texas Budget Solutions
Comment: The current budget bill raises spending by 26% and provides for too little tax relief. This will be bad for the Texas economy and it’s citizens.
Call to action: Contact Governor Perry’s office and encourage him to veto the bills and call for a special session on the budget.

SB 1406 Relating to State Board of Education oversight of regional education service center activities concerning certain curriculum management systems.
Status: On the Governor’s desk.
Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
Research: CSCOPE or C-SCAM?
Comment: This legislation will shed the light of public scrutiny on the controversial CSCOPE curriculum.
Call to action: Contact Governor Perry’s office and encourage him to sign this bill.

SB 2 Relating to charter schools and home-rule charter school districts.
Status: On the Governor’s desk.
Recommendation: FOR
Comment: Will lift the cap on the creation of charter schools and create more choice.
Additional Research: Lifting the cap on charters
Call to action: Contact Governor Perry’s office and encourage him to sign this bill.
Other calls to action: Contact Governor Perry’s office and encourage him to VETO the following BAD bills:

HB 2103 – Allows the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the Texas Workforce Commission to share personal data with education research centers in Texas and across the nation – the data goes back 20 years.

HB 5 – Decimates the “measuring stick” (STAAR/EOC’s) so that parents will not know whether their children have been taught Type #1 or Type #2 curriculum (such as CSCOPE, Common Core Standards, Safari Montage, TASA iCLOUD) until it is too late.

HB 866 – Companion to HB 5 to destroy the measuring stick – >From Grades 3 – 8, students are only tested twice in Writing on an objective instrument (STAAR), once in Social Studies, two times in Science, three times in Math, and three times in Reading.

HB 2836 – Takes away authority over the curriculum standards (TEKS) from our elected Texas State Board of Education members.

HB 1675 – Moves back Sunset Review of the Education Service Centers to Sept. 1, 2019

HB 2824 – Lets a consortium of so-called “high performing” (mostly mediocre) school districts off the hook in terms of testing and accountability, thus freeing them up to do teaching and learning to whatever goals and standards they choose.

***SB 1730 – that sells-off 23 Texas roads to private, foreign companies!***

Sign up and use the tools at Texas Legislature Online so you can read and follow bills and get alerts for upcoming committee meetings. Also, we can’t catch everything, so if you see something you think needs attention, please contact us.

NRN citizen lobbyist training videos for Legislation Advocacy.

Sponsor our Citizens Impact Initiative and legislation advocacy.

Call the Governor’s Office 800-843-5789 or 512-463-2000

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