@lizpeek Liz Peek joined Pastor Greg @doseghostman Iran, Elizabeth Warren, Obama and a nuclear problem

Liz Peek joined Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation Radio this morning four the weekly segment with Don Jans (www.mygrandchildrensamerica.com) of Pulling Back the Curtain on Obamaism. On the program today we discussed the Obama-Clinton dilemma. Who gets thrown under the bus in a Clinton Presidential Campaign? What does the Iranian deal mean to the security of the US and the world? Are China and Russia really allies? When will we identify the policies of Obama as national security risks? Is there deception in the recent poles showing Americans favoring an Iranian deal? Do we trust a regime that has sworn to destroy us? Obama is more concerned about his delusional place in history than with the reality of the threats he continues to arm. His circle of influence is so set on their ideology that the destruction of America seems to be of no consequence to them, and could perhaps be their goal. One last comment, it was John Kerry and his lying traitorous testimony before congress in 1971, which was later proved to be exaggerated at best and propaganda from the communist student movements at the least, has once again sold out America in they Iranian deal. Once traitor always a traitor.

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