@Matt_VanDyke Matthew VanDyke with Pastor Greg @doseghostman on Chosen Generation Radio

Matthew VanDyke Sons of Liberty International http://www.sonsoflibertyinternational.com joined Pastor Greg to discuss the genocide being committed by ISIS against Christians in Iraq. There has been little International support to help save Iraqi Christians for the slaughter that they are enduring at the hands of ISIS and Iranian fighters as well. In fact Matthew revealed how the Iranian fighters have recently said that if they see an American they will kill them. In this interview we discussed US supplies in the hands of these extremists, Islams convert, leave or die ultimatum, the release of gitmo prisoners, the need for experienced trainers for the Iraqi militia and more. Listen here beginning at 26:00 after the Rafael Cruz interview:


You can help at the Sons of Liberty link above. Thank you!!

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