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#MEDIABIAS #ClintonFoundation continues to be exposed as a fraud. New Mexico schools demand no reference to “boys and girls”. RIO Police are now being exposed as liars, as the left continues to push the “Ugly American” story. More Muslim knifing attacks but little media. Where is Lousiana?
Larry Fedewa WASHINGTON TIMES Is Donald Trump still viable? Main stream media has painted a picture, whats the truth?
Jeff Crouere, Political Ringside, Trump surrogate, Louisiana resident. What is happening in Louisiana? What is the main stream avoiding the story? What was the impact of the Trump visit to Louisiana? How is Trump filling the venues and what should we take form that?
Judson Phillips Tea Party Nation, How much more of the Clinton nightmare is there? Will anything be done? Is it possible for Trump to turn his campaign and what does the new immigration talk mean?

Noon EDT Today!

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