#memoriespizza @elrushborush @jmattbarber @dloesch @Jleclaire @advanceliberty Is it really about liberty?

Dear Homosexuals, if anyone understands choice it would be Christians, as the Christian people have been being persecuted since the time of Jesus Christ. The apostles were all murdered except for John. Rome committed a near genocidal destruction of Christians until Constantinople. Currently there is genocide taking place in Iraq and Syria against Christians. In the rush to secure “rights” it would appear that the real mission once again is the destruction of Christians and our right to believe and act on our beliefs. The florist in Washington had served the same homosexual couple for nine years. Never once did she refuse service, until they ask her to violate her biblical beliefs. Now you can denigrate the bible, try to misrepresent it, call it all kinds of names, but the same freedom that you claim to be fighting for, which I believe you have a right to, is the same freedom you are destroying by denying me the right to my beliefs. Now let me clarify that if you want to be “married” which it seems you do, then that liberty also should allow Christians the right to abstain from involvement and churches and Christian business owners should have the right not to participate. to force any other type of behavior is to destroy the very freedom you claim to be about. So the real issue here is not about freedom it is about a movement which seeks validation for its behavior or the silence of those who oppose it. Sounds like another group that is running around, move, convert or die. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, is this really what I am all about?

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