Negotiating with a terrorist nation $100 billion and nukes
Please don’t misunderstand, I am thankful to Good that the prisoners are being returned to their families.  I pray get are able to heal from all of the mental,  emotional and physical fame inflicted join them by a sick and evil regime. That their plight was not brought up and their immediate release demanded before any other thanks began is shameful.  That they were allowed to language in those hell holes is utterly disgraceful and that the families were previously so mistreated by this administration deplorable.  Obama wants to be s hero here again. While we acknowledge that Iran has released these Americans we can not simply ignore the past and current`behavior toward a sworn enemy of every US citizen.  Iran continues to text fire weapons it is prohibited from using and now had both the delivery system,  the financing and the nuclear capabilities to cause mass death around the globe. 

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