@newzealblog Trevor Louden Exposes @rev_rodriquez Socialist ties with Pastor Greg @doseghostman on Chosen Generation

On Chosen Generation this morning Trevor Louden joined Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation. The candidacy of Hillary Clinton is built on the same lies and deception that marked her stint as the Secretary of State, from her involvement with ISNA, her pro terrorist vows to support radical islamists, to the lies about Benghazi and then “what difference does it make” after viewing pictures of the mutilation of US government representatives and Americans, blaming it on a video!! Then there is the Bergdahl issue and the breach of security caused by her email server. What we know about Bergdahl is going to blow most of your minds. While Clinton was not in office at the exchange her involvement was all over this and the attempts to distance her from an exchange that came about because of foreign policies which she over saw coupled with her blatant destruction of government property in the email wipe she did of her servers, should give every American grave concerns.

Also on the program the prospect of Jeb Bush being the presumptive Republican representative in a general presidential campaign should make us just as uneasy as a Clinton Presidency. Now we have what some claim is the largest Evangelical Hispanic organization, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and the National Hispanic Evangelical Association, both run by Rev Samuel Rodriguez, hosting Former Governor Jeb Bush and Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) for their annual conference in Houston Texas. Trevor exposed that Gutierrez, a fierce proponent of Obama’s unconstitutional executive order that has put American lives at risk, and pushed social services and schools across the county to the brink, is also a former member of the Puerto Rican National Socialist party. Interesting to note that Samuel Rodriguez is also on Puerto Rican decent. Is Samuel Rodriguez really a socialist in disguise? He ha pushed for Common Core, telling his organization churches to embrace this form of indoctrination. I wrote to Samuel on February 12, 2014:

Dear Lisette(Samuels Assistant)
Are you still working with Rev Rodriguez? If so I would like to know why he and the NHCLC are supporting the Common Core Curriculum? As an Oak Initiative chapter leader it is my understanding that Samuel was part of the founding of this organization. I am incredibly troubled by this curriculum. I am sure that Samuel did not just jump on to this without some serious discussion, but that is what troubles me. This is an attempt to indoctrinate and dumb down our children. My sister is a professor at Biola University, and they are specifically creating curriculum to assist their student teachers as they prepare to go out into the schools with tools to deal with the devastation that Common Core is doing in the classrooms. The math standard in particular are very alarming and for NHCLC, led by Rev Rodriguez, to align itself with this administration on this issue and the amnesty issue grieves me to no end. Please express to him my sincere prayers that he will awaken to the evil associated with these agendas and this administration. Having begun the good fight let us not be like those who would turn to perdition. If he would like to talk and even come on my show to express why he came to these conclusions let him know I am open to debating on this. Thank you and God bless you.

I have received no response to this email. It is also interesting to note that Jeb Bush a proponent of Common Core is the other key note speaker. As I reviewed the list of speakers at this conference, Harry Jackson and James Robison stand out to me. These are men who I respect and I would hope that they are not violating the Romans 1 writing of Paul, which state that silence in the face of evil is condoning that evil. Being at a conference featuring men like Gutierrez and Bush proponents of lawless unconstitutional executive actions and the efforts of this administration to destroy America is disconcerting. Pray for them to hold to truth and to speak words that will reach a population that is deep in social conservatism and biblical values, but that has been hijacked by leaders like Samuel who seem to have lost their way and may have been secret socialists all along. Trevor Louden hits on that right here:


NHCLC under Rodriguez endorses Common Core


NHCLC confirms Communist Comrade Gutierrez to speak at conference


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