#NoGoZones Yes England has them A live interview with a resident of London on Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg

Fox News reported that there are No Go Zones controlled by Muslims in the UK. The left had a conniption fit and there were threats of a lawsuit. Retractions were made because to say that these zones exist would be to admit that Islam desires not to coexist with us but to force us to become subservient to them. Well, they do exist and my guest Scott Coren articulates this very issue. PC in Europe has led to thew second phase of Islamic take over to occur. Namely to activate blocks of Muslims to vote in Sharia Law Islamic representatives to start changing the laws in the host country. Scott joined me to discuss the direction that England and Europe have taken. Scott has a unique world view because he was a very active Atheist who pushed a secular agenda, until events in his life drew him to the conclusion that Jesus Christ is very real and he was in need of a savior. Having watched the destruction wrought by his previous activism Scott is able to articulate the danger and we in America can learn from the mistakes of our European allies before it is too late.
Listen here: (Scott’s Interview is preceded by Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America)


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