Not in My Town by Pastor Greg Young

About a year ago I heard they were teaching kindergartener about the homosexual lifestyle out there in California….I was so glad that I lived in Texas where it didn’t affect me. Shoot the only place I ever saw one of those was on that TV show and they were pretty funny….A few months later there was something in the news about the federal government having an issue with the Governor of Arizona. Seems she didn’t want certain illegals coming into her state. The Federal folks were saying she was either going to do what they said or she was going to have some serious consequences…..I heard the Supreme Court over ruled her, but Arizona is a long ways from Texas and I sure am glad I live in Texas….. A couple of months ago I heard that some parents had trouble with the schools in New Mexico. Some new law that limits parents rights and another says that kids at the age of 14 can decide to emancipate or have an abortion without the parents even knowing about it…..But it doesn’t impact me because I live in Texas……..Then I came across an article in Time magazine written in 2007 that said that Dallas was a mecca for gays! In fact the visitors bureau says “Dallas truly is the most liberal city in Texas!” and “[Dallas] has left stereotypes of big-haired women and rowdy cowboys–that is, unless you count sassy drag queens and strapping gay rodeo champs.” But it didn’t really bother me since I didn’t live in Dallas….Then after reading about the change in Dallas I read they had a rally there and the leader said this ;

If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,” said Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR( Council on American-Islamic Relations) branch…… Well at least I don’t live in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Pretty soon I read that there were federal agents coming into every town in Texas and they were mandating some curriculum called CSCOPE….I am sure glad that our county sheriff wont put up with that…..I was having coffee in town yesterday and I heard our Sheriff said that he did not have the legal right to stop the federal government from coming to our homes and taking our guns……You know somebody really oughta do something about all of this…… I decided to make a few calls. I called an old army buddy in California. Some stranger answered his phone and demanded to know who I was and why I was calling…I just hung up….That was weird…..Well I will call my buddy in Arizona he was with the local law enforcement……Funny they said he took an early retirement….no forwarding information but they sure wanted all my info…no thanks…SURE GLAD I LIVE IN TEXAS….I will call my friend the sheriff up near Dallas……Who am I? Why do you ask? Enemy of the state?CLICK…..How could John be an enemy of the state…what state….TEXAS???……His Great Great Great granddad rode with Sam Houston…..He was there when Santa Ana signed the truce and gave Texas its liberty…..What is going on?…Somebody should do something…Sure glad I live in this small town…we citizens can stand together…..Funny I haven’t seen my neighbor for a few weeks now…used to see him every thursday when we took out our trash…..I have tried to ask around but I don’t recognize anybody in town anymore…..Strange people with strange uniforms…I heard some body say they were going door to door out-of-town to round some people up…..Well I have called everybody I could think of….Seems they are all missing….or dead….I can hear them crashing through my gate….my wife is crying and my kids are screaming……I never thought this could happen in my town……What will you do?





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