#NotoCubaTrade Call Texas Governor Abbott #stopsponsoringterrorism 512-463-2000

Cuba is still a terrorist hotbed and “six months” as the resident says, is not sufficient to start providing economic advantages to a country and a regime with ties to Iran, Venezuela and who Khrushchev once said “hated America more than me”, much to his astonishment. Cuba is still recruiting terrorists on our college campuses and providing aide and cover due to its close proximity to the US to our enemies. Now after turning a blind eye to the cartel activities, sex slave trade and illegal border crossings in his talks with Mexico, Gov Abbott is taking a shot at creating direct flights between Havana and Houston. If it is not bad enough we are bringing terrorists across the Mexican border with no real effort to stop the process, now we will fly them in from Cuba. Wake up Texas and America, Obama is not the Governor of Texas so lets ask our governor to stop acting like he is.

In part two, Paul Janiczek, former aide to Ambassador John Bolton, State Department Diplomat and US Naval Veteran, assesses the Cuban threat and the decision by Governor Abbott to go to Cuba:

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