#OpportunityMissed What I would have said if I debated Hillary Clinton by @SteveBeaman @realDonaldTrump

Why I Wish I Had Debated Hillary Clinton!

By Steve Beaman


The debate Monday found Hillary Clinton solidifying her base and quite possibly winning a few points in the “undecided” camp. But while she didn’t necessarily “win,” she wasn’t eliminated as a viable candidate; an elimination that should have happened.  I can only wish would have been part of the discussion.  This is what Trump should have said.


  1. Referencing Trump’s comment about wishing for the real estate bubble to collapse:

Yes, Hillary, like many American’s in the private sector who work so hard to pay the taxes that you so easily spend, I was a little disgusted with the bubble that you and your ideology were building so yes, I did say in a strongly sarcastic way “I hope this bubble bursts, I’ll make money on it”.  Two points, first, you better hope that people like me make money because you and your ilk in Washington love to spend our hard-earned money and second, more to the point, yes I was sickened by the liberal ideology of the democratic party who caused this crisis to begin with.  From your hero Jimmy Carter’s passage of the Community Reinvestment Act, to your husbands (yes YOUR HUSBANDS) recension of the Glass-Steagall act that for 50 years had helped prevent this type of banking screw up, to the democrats in Congress who saluted the “desk-top underwriting” standards that offered, what was in your party said, a home for everyone?  You and your ideology set the rules for this debacle and you played it out and after you set the rules for it, you blamed private people for their decisions and businesses for playing by your rules.  Furthermore, yes, Goldman Sachs and other investment banks made out handsomely, why? Because YOUR PARTY bailed them out when needed and that is why, if I’m not mistaken, Goldman Sachs is so willingly funding your campaign.  They’ve made out like a bandit being in bed with government and as you’ve been in government virtually all of your adult life, I’m sure they love being in bed with you too!


  1. Hillary’s supposed support for women and Trumps contempt

Once again Hillary I must take offense at your attempt to accuse me of being some horrible type of sexist, let’s look quickly at the record of who fits that better, yes, I’ve made some not so wise comments, I am after all not a slick politician like you but sometimes I can be prone to sticking my foot in my mouth.  For that I apologize to anyone I may have offended.  But what’s the reality, in my companies I have been a leader in putting women in senior positions and no one disputes that.  So, my actions speak much louder than my sometimes ill-used words.  But let’s let look at you, supposedly for women’s rights; isn’t it a fact that helped free a man who raped a 13-year-old girl by blaming the victim, what was it you said, for acting like she wanted an older man?  Or are you the strong woman’s advocate when it comes to the many, ok several, wait who knows the number, of women your husband has used?  Did you stand up for those women? No you blamed them….  You say you support women, but you support economic policies that only subjugate women.  Women who need real opportunities for real jobs, not dependency on a government that wants to act like their parent (or their bad husband which you know all about).  Freedom works for women just like is does men, but the need equal protection under the law, not people like who constantly blame them when they are the victims!


  1. The Middle East and Russia

Yes, Hillary, you’ve got lots of experience as former Secretary of State. I’m pleased you keep bringing that up because it continues to remind us how inept you were.  The ARAB SPRING movement that collapsed our friends in Egypt, catapulted Libya and Syria into chaos, and threatens the entirety of peace in the middle east, not to mention this debacle of an agreement you and your president signed with the Iranians that virtually guarantees them a nuclear weapon; a weapon by the way they’ve openly said they’ll use on Israel.  We had a great and trusted ally in Israel, but your ideology and that of your President shifted our foreign policy from an Israeli base of support and tried to move it to the Muslim nations.  How’s that working for us? For that fact, how’s that working for Europe? If you showed us anything about how you want to do things, its leading from behind just as this President did.  Thank you for your work former-secretary Clinton, you may talk a good game, but the mess you’ve left behind is one that the adults in the room will have to clean.  Oh and you must be thinking, how can he hurl an insult claiming to be the “adult in the room”; well let’s remember that debacle and embarrassment you pulled off with your silly little, and yes childish “RESET BUTTON” with Russia.  The embarrassment I felt, and most American’s felt was palpable and speaking of Russia, are in we better off today than we were 8 years ago?  Hardly, we’re seeing their military poised on the eastern border of the Ukraine ready to invade, we see them parsing up Syria however they want and we hear them buzzing our warships without consequence.  I have kids and grandkids and it truly upsets that we may be in a more dangerous world today than I’ve seen since the Cuban missile crisis, and why, because of your supposed leadership.


  1. The Economy

Hillary you’ve been part of for 30 years, a political class putting all the weight of its ridiculous ivory tower ideas on the backs of the American people, let’s talk really quick about YOUR ideas of stimulus.  During your Presidents term, a President you strongly support and have openly whose policies you wish to continue, we saw our debt grow from 9 trillion to 19 trillion and what did we get in return?  $3 trillion in growth…. you squandered $10 trillion dollars to get $3 trillion growth and who gets to pay that back?  The people in the audience and around American for whom you hold so much contempt, people who you think need YOU to tell them how to live all the while you are worth what, $100 million from your so-called foundation, a foundation that made pay-for-play look like a SUPERBOWN event.  You need to come out of the ivory tower of government in which you’ve spent 30 years and live like one of us; a tax-payer, a small-business person who can’t build their company because of your regulation; your taxation and the drag of the $19 trillion-dollar debt YOU AND YOUR PARTY GAVE US!  And what’s your “big idea” for the young people looking for some semblance of hope the future; more debt by virtue of so called “Free” college.  When will you and your government class learn to tell people the truth, there is nothing that’s “free”.  Somebody pays and that you’ve structured, the very young people you ostensibly want to help will end up paying for it as they watch the debt THEY HAVE TO PAY BACK skyrocket to unsustainable heights because of the “free” things you want to give them.  Quick thinking like every other politician that pay for play is OK.  You used your position as Secretary of State to dole out favors for contributions to your foundation – oh you don’t think so; who is that owns US uranium rights?  That’s right, you allowed the sale of those rights to a RUSSIAN company for how big a donation? $100 million?  You see politics the same way, you offer freebies in return for votes.  The problem, someone pays.  And that payer is the American people whose number one expense for them isn’t their home, or their car, or even the kid’s college, it’s taxes where between local, state, federal, Medicare, social security, property, sales, excise, inheritance, travel, entertainment and all of the other taxes you and your government class spend so freely to buy votes.


  1. Black Lives Matter

I am so sick of you and your political hacks separating and splitting up the American people; all for your own power.  You know the problem with African American lives today, it’s not the police, although there are certainly some bad police, thankfully not as many as a percentage as bad politicians.  The problem they have is your ideology.  In the 1960’s your democratic president Lyndon Johnson said “let’s eliminate poverty in America” so what did they do, the initiated the “Great Society” a system of social welfare sold to people as a helping hand.  What did it do in reality, it created a permanent-institutionalized underclass who can’t escape the poverty your ideas created for them.  You know why black-lives are in danger, 50-60 per weekend in Chicago alone, because your ideology of government puts people into servitude and teaches them that a) they’re victims and they can’t survive on their own without the benevolent hand of big-daddy government and b) they’re entitled to another person’s labor.  All you do is hurt people with your programs; you help no one.  Yes, it sounds good on paper and yes your intentions might be good, but Hillary the road to hell is paved with good intentions and you have taken down that painful road.  Again, we the adults have to clean up the mess you’ve left us with!


  1. On my not releasing tax-returns

You’re right, I’m not releasing my tax returns because frankly, they’re nobody’s business.  But let’s talk about transparent, when was the last time you held a press conference?  When was the last time you opened up about your speeches to Goldman Sachs and the other banks who you’re so cozy with?  Oh, and then there’s the granddaddy of them all, your foundation; let’s see the records of who donated, when they donated and what they got in return.  Funny I doubt you’ll want the American people seeing that!  But when it comes to disclosure, you were quite adept at disclosing to unintended parties highly classified material on your own private/personal and secret server.  You’ve self-selected out what, 40,000 emails you say we would have no national interest in?  Seriously, you expect us to believe you?  Wait, am I wrong or weren’t you disbarred from legal practice?  Am I wrong or weren’t you fired from the Watergate committee for being just too dishonest?  Am I wrong or haven’t you been openly lying to the American people about your email, about your use of blackberries, about the FBI’s response to you; and fact check me all you want on those. James Comey of the FBI stated in open testimony that you were less than truthful about most of the issues you testified to Congress about.  I respect your political career, 30 years, wow, you’ve learned well how to hide and mince words to protect yourself.  What was it your husband said under testimony, “it depends what the word “Is” is?”

And while you say “I was out preparing for this debate, and for being President”, I accept that.  You’re a master politician and know how to debate and how to use words better than, me or just about anyone else.  So you’re right, I’m not as schooled a debater as you.  But being prepared for President, your record is anything but that; a chaotic economy and shattered international relations, your only qualification seems to be your own self-belief that you’re somehow entitled to be President just because of who you are.  Well, millions of Americans and I think that is a bunch of hooey.


  1. On our failing Economy

On one hand you talk about how great the current president is and how you respect him and would like to continue his policies, on the other hand you pivot your words to match the crowd your speaking to and talk about how tough things are.  Here’s the reality of what you and your democratic machine have left us.  The slowest recovery wince world war II, about 2% growth rates, a $19 trillion-dollar debt, $600 billion dollar deficits, a consumed and almost non-existent reserve status – we have about $300 billion in reserves of gold and foreign currency versus china with almost $3 trillion in reserve.  Yes, you’ve done such a great job…  Debts, deficits, and looming problems that can ONLY be saved by the opposite of what you propose; you want higher taxes on the American people, I say cut ‘em… give people back the money they work so hard for and let them decide how to spend it; you want higher corporate taxation, I say cut their taxes too and let them stimulate the economy.  They can’t do any worse than you’ve done and if Calvin Coolidge; John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan are an example; lower tax rates mean a booming economy.  But wait, that’s really not what you want is it; you want to continue the policies of Obama, more people dependent on you in the food-stamp rolls, more people dependent on you for unemployment insurance, more people dependent on you to solve their problems.  If want growth, cut regulation and let business hire people; but no, you want to force people to buy things they don’t want like health insurance under your and the President’s so-called “Affordable Care Act”; not so affordable huh!  You tell business all these things they should do to benefit people when in fact the best thing business can do to help people is grow and hire more people; your regulations just stifle that.  We don’t need you and more regulations on our lives, we need to be free once again and strive to be the best we can be without the heavy hand of government telling us what’s good for us.  Sorry if freedom puts you out of work; but you’ll not starve; what is the best estimate, $100 million.  Funny, you got that without ever producing a good or service that people wanted to buy….  It is a strange world in which you become rich promising access but at the same time want to penalize those who become well-off building a profit-making business.


  1. Closing comments

My friends and fellow American’s, this is truly a critical time for you and me, and our children and grandchildren.  Not in my lifetime have I seen such a stark contrast between candidates for the highest office in our land.  My opponent wants more of the same; government stimulus and government programs all paid for by you; and regulated so you do it the way THEY want.  I want less government stimulus, less government programs and less regulation so that you, the free people of a free nation can use your enterprise to build a better life for you and your families. It’s not easy, I know that, freedom isn’t easy.  It requires we the people to be diligent and hard-working and self-reliant.  But in return, we get to live life on our terms; and live life in a dynamic and vibrant land that offers opportunities for anyone to become whatever they choose.

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