Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ are Under attack

Ephesians 6:18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints–

Paul exhorts us to be in continuous prayer for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. As I write this I have been looking for some news of a church movement to bring attention to the plight of Christians in Egypt and Syria.

This recently appeared in an article on Front Page Mag. “A recently released video of an interview with a Syrian rebel — and would-be-martyr– gives extraordinary insight into the mentality of the Syrian opposition. Believing that he’s speaking to European jihadist volunteers, the rebel says that Christians must be killed to impose a Sharia state in Syria, after which they will be given the classic choice: pay the jizya, convert or die. He also says that the rebels intend to move on from Syria to attack Europe and America.”

In recent days there has been discussion of the use of chemical weapons by Assad in Damascus. This masks the administrations involvement in arming the very Syrian rebels that gave that interview. While Christians are slaughtered the church remains silent. In fact it appears that Assad has actually been the only leader there who has offered any protection for the Christian community, which has unfortunately led to the rebels, who are armed with our tax dollars, to target them even more vehemently. In a New York Times Op Ed published in June 2012, the article states that the Assad regime, because it was a more secular Muslim group, offered protection to the minorities in Syria. The rebel extremists however issued a warning to either support them, which would mean to acquiesce to the demands of the rebel interviewed above; pay the jizya, convert or die, or move out. Many fled while others have been murdered, in one case a man was beheaded and fed to the dogs because he said the rebels were acting like thieves. In each case these are Christians being killed for their beliefs.

In Egypt the same issue exists. The government of Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood Extremist, has persecuted Coptic Christians since his rise to power in 2012. But what has happened since he was removed has become even more dire. As in Syria the ousted regime blames Christians for their demise and they are using this angst to slaughter our brothers and sisters in Christ. The news continues to be silent on this and the church continues to be silent as well. Our President has issued statements of support for Morsi. John Mccain and Lindsey Graham went to Egypt to demand Morsi be put back in office. How blatant is the Presidents Muslim anti Christian slant you ask? In Nigeria Boko Haram a Muslim jihadist group has been slaughtering Christians and when the Nigerian government intervened to stop it, John Kerry and the Obama administration issued a stern warning to the government of Nigeria not to inhibit the human rights of Boko Haram. This continued support of the slaughter of Christians abroad demands a response from the church. Their continued silence makes them complicit in these atrocious acts. Christians in Paul’s day were continually persecuted and Rome carries out what in those days were some of the greatest slaughters of Christians in history, but the church did not remain silent. They spoke out against that governments treatment of their brothers and sisters even at the risk of their own lives.

I am imploring you my readers to take action. Call your Congressmen and women, call your Senators and flood the White House Switchboard with calls for an American response tt these atrocities. We must stop the funding of these rebel groups and condemn and if necessary act to protect our fellow Christians. Obama may think we are no longer a Christian nation, but the very people he mocks and persecutes are the very people whose convictions have allowed him to occupy the White House. It is time our voices are heard. Their blood is on our hands!!

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