Parental Rights. Org Director of Communication Michael Ramey and Pastor Donald Havrilla of the South Hampton 6 join Chosen Generation host Pastor Greg

Todays show is another one of the must listen to programs. America as we have known it is under attack. The free rights of us all as guaranteed by our Constitution are under fire. On the program today I will have two different guests that will address two very serious violations of our rights.

On the first half hour I will have Michael Ramey the Director of Communications for On previous programs I have attempted to educate the audience on the dangers and threats being brought against parents and their rights to rasie their own children. The Convention on the Rights of Children and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are UN treaties which will change American laws to reflect the notion of “what is in the best interest of the child” as law, over the rights of the parents to steer the upbringing of their own children. It has been brought to our attention that the Senate in the midst of all of their activity on health care and their insistence on violating our freedoms with regards to the second amendment, the UN Small Arms Treaty, has now taken up once again the CRPD UN Treaty and the leadership has vowed to pass it before the end of the year. Michael joins me to give us the most up to date information and to share how we can help stop this.

On the second half of the program I will be joined by Pastor Donald Havrilla from South Hampton New York. On July 26, 2011, the first date on which Southampton Town could legally solemnize same sex marriages under the New York Legislature’s recent Act, this handful of local citizens gathered at the Southampton Town Hall on this unique date in New York history to peacefully stand for traditional marriage.

“I was shocked at how quickly we were forced, under threat of arrest, to move and stay clear of the front steps, and fearful of what that meant for the future of free speech here in my hometown of 40 plus years,” said Pastor Havrilla. “I thank God for this victory, and for safeguarding the rights of all citizens and groups, regardless of their beliefs. This is protection for everybody, liberal or conservative, from the abuse of power by a local municipality.”

These six individuals are common citizens, most between the ages of 53 to 76 and not part of a large, formal organization. Two are military veterans, one is a Bible College student in his 30s, and all are active in their local churches. The six had gathered on the sidewalk near the front steps of the Town Hall. Immediately they were forced by the Town’s police to relocate to a confined area flanked by seven-foot tall bushes that kept them from legally, conversationally interacting with others on the Town Hall steps. The Town blatantly discriminated having previously allowed much larger groups without religious affiliations to completely occupy and even block those same steps while exercising their free speech rights. These six people were threatened with arrest if they did not remove themselves from the Town’s “Bias Free Zone” and relocate to the Town’s imposed “free speech zone.”

These two stories are a glimpse into what is going on in our nation and these are not hypothetical situations but, real life stories, of real life violations of your rights. As we look around we must realize that we are the Chosen Generation for such a time as this. That is the clarion call that I am making each day on the radio and it will take a continued effort to effectively educate and to get action. Please if you feel that our nation needs a revival and that we must take back control of our Local government, state government and national government, support the show so I can get the message out. I am asked quite often when will I take the show national. The answer is when I have rasied the funds necessary to do it.
I want to bring two other issues to your attention. One is that a federal judge has struck down portions of the Texas abortion law that passed both Houses of the State Congress and was signed into law. This was common sense legislation designed to protect women in our state and to address the issue of late term abortions, by making abortion clinics meet the standards required by other surgical centers and restrict abortion after 20 weeks. (Five Months) References: &
The second issue is a law suit filed in federal court by a homosexual couple who are suing the State of Texas in federal court to over turn the people of Texas vote that made a constitutional amendment that marriage is between a man and a woman.

This is why I continue to do Chosen Generation, because there are people that are so lost that we must fight to protect our ability to lead them out of the bondages of sin and death and into a fulfilling life Jesus Christ.

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