#Persecution @NickAdamsInUSA #TransgenderMilitary SM Sgt Phillip Monk #ElectionStaus @GerardLameiro #SAGE @George_Barna @BarnaGroup

#Persecution @NickAdamsInUSA #TransgenderMilitary SM Sgt Phillip Monk #ElectionStaus @GerardLameiro #SAGE @George_Barna @BarnaGroup

#GreenCardWarrior Could there be persecution of those with conservative ideas by the State Department? An effort to keep those with traditional American values out of the country while welcoming millions whose ideology is juxtly opposed to our constitution. Is it conspiracy or truth? Nick Adams joins Pastor Greg with his firsthand account form his book Green Card Warrior,How One Man Took On The State Department and Won. Nick Adams had it all: charisma, energy, a promising TV career, a new organization and an approved Green Card petition. The world was at his feet. Then came the unexpected sabotage and political persecution from one individual. It began a spiral of destruction – finances, family, health and career. He almost lost it all. Green Card Warrior is an explosive and startling exposé into the world of legal immigration!

#TransgenderMilitary Did you know there is a Transgender Military Handbook created in 2016 that must accommodate all Transgender individuals? First we abolish Don’t ask Don’t tell and now this. How does this effect mission readiness and our military morale? Ret SM Sgt Phillip Monk will tell you.

#Election2016 Dr Gerard Lameiro will Join Pastor Greg to discuss his latest predictions for this election and try to share some good news.

#ConservativeChristianConundrum that is how man feel about this election. George Barna sheds some light on his findings from a recent poll among his SAGE cons.
Noon EDT Today!

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