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On the program today I will be joined by Peter Spencer. Peter has an extensive background in the Middle East and will give us additional information that the main stream media won’t tell you. Be sure to tune in and get the real story. We will also discuss the potential biblical implications as Peter is also a biblical scholar.
After spending several years in the advertising industry, Peter Spencer founded Halo TV and Film. Peter has won numerous national awards for writing, producing and directing – including his TV series “Heroes of the Faith” shown on over 2,000 stations worldwide. He is an accomplished researcher of historic events, including forty-six television specials. He received his Master of Divinity Degree in 2005 and his Doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2007. His doctoral dissertation, based on archeological research and discovery, was recently published in the book “The DaVinci Cult.” His interviews with his mentor Hans Poley led him to research the Dutch Archives, life histories, and survivors of the Hiding Place and their friends. This created a world immersed in the realities of Holland in the 40’s, inspiring a meticulous, realistic script for Return to the Hiding Place.
He is an accomplished author, professional actor, musician and public speaker. He wrote and orated “Holy Art,” a piece by international media-artist Christian Jankowsky, which has been exhibited at the Whitney Museum in New York and other museums and galleries throughout America, Berlin, Paris as well as 21 other major European capitals. Peter’s work has garnered praise from the New York Times, Washington Post, and L.A. Times for his communication style.
After producing his apologetic series “Defending the Faith” for CNL Television in the Russian-speaking world, Peter was invited to teach at the CNL University in Kazakhstan. He also teaches crowds of up to 40,000 in India and is heard on several radio stations in North America. Peter was trained in theology by his father, Hebrew and Greek scholar, Dr. Duane Spencer – a renowned expositor and author.
His recognitions include the NRB People’s Choice Awards, Angel Awards, along with numerous art and film awards. He is the author of
volumes of systematic studies, TV productions & stage dramas. Peter Spencer is father to four children, married to his college sweetheart, Maria.
Professional Equity Theater Actor: 1977-1981
Professional Actor: Lead roles including Perchik (opposite Emmy-award winner Fivish Finkle) – in Fiddler on the Roof,
Tony – West Side Story, Sir Lancelot – Camelot, Freddy – My Fair Lady, Miles Gloriosos (opposite Ronny Graham) РA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
Other Professional Work includes: Director of Lifeline Communications, Advertising Director KCI, Founder Harvest Academies,
Spencer Productions, Owner Super Stitches Mfg, Halo TV and Film.
Recent Projects
2000 – 2004 “HEROES OF THE FAITH” (writer/director/producer)
Forty-six part, award winning (Two time Angel Awards, NRB People’s Choice)
TV series shown on over 2,000 stations internationally.
2002 “IS ATLANTIS IN THE BIBLE?” (writer/director/producer)
This meticulously researched documentary uses ancient texts to understand this
controversial subject. A best-seller on every network on which it is shown.
2003 “HOLY ART” (Co-writer/producer/talent)
This nationally recognized (New York Times, Art Forum Magazine,
Art in America Mag, Flash Art Magazine, LA Times, Washington Post)
award-winning film art was exhibited in major galleries including the
Whitney Museum/New York, Berlin, Paris, and 21 major European capitols.
2004 “HEROES OF THE TITANIC” (writer/director/producer)
Documentary of an unknown mystery ship which could have rescued all the perishing passengers of the Titanic. Seen throughout Europe, Canada and the US.
2010 “RETURN TO THE HIDING PLACE” (writer/producer/director)
Based on the autobiography of 17 year old, Hans Poley and his friend, Piet Hartog, the leader of the resistance group Rolls Royce. These young resistance fighters changed the face of Europe’s history.
2011 “THIEF” (writer/producer/director) IN DEVELOPMENT
This drama, based on Peter Spence’s book of the same name, chronicles the life-story of the actual thief/revolutionary who was crucified next to Christ.

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