@PJmedia_com @NRA @gunowners Liz Shed joined Pastor Greg and Don Jans on Chosen Generation for Pulling back the curtain

The second amendment is under attack and the NRA convention in Nashville Tennessee is the perfect venue for these issues to be discussed. Most of the potential Presidential candidates for 2016 will be in attendance as they vie for the vote and share their vision for protecting the second amendment. Liz Shed joined Pastor Greg and Don Jans to talk about the over reach of the ATF, attacks against gun rights, what we might hear at the NRA convention and Obama’s use of regulatory agencies instead of the law. Don and Pastor Greg also discuss the patriotism of Obama, his destruction of America and how Dodd Frank and Obamacare were test runs to see what Americans would accept as law. Pastor Greg shares how these two bills were used to test the theory that Americans would discard the Constitution and accept laws, lose freedoms and do it because “the regime” said it was so. Listen here:


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