Please keep praying for the Romeike family, if you are a homeschool family this effects you

As those who follow Chosen Generation know I am deeply concerned about the attacks on parents rights especially as it relates to our ability to determine how our children are educated. I have been bringing you updates on how a particular case involving a homeschooling family from Germany, Romeike, who received Asylum protection here only to have it challenged by Eric Holder and the resident Obama. In the briefs they have filed they have let their true feelings about the rights of parents be known. Homeschooling is not a right that parents can count on according to these two. In fact they have adopted the German tact, which by the way was put in place under Hitler, that homeschooling is not in the best interest of the society because it creates intolerance and might set up a dual society.

Well the new news is finally some good news. The Supreme Court has said that Holder must respond to the appeal of the Romeike’s on there case. Now we know that this resident has reprimanded the court in his addresses to congress and shown total contempt for their authority as the third branch of the government, never the less this is a good sign. Here is a link to the article.

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