@rachelshewitt joins Pastor Greg @doseghostman on Chosen Generation Radio Return to the Hiding Place Interview @Franklin_Graham @charisma_news


Rachel S. Hewitt joined Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation Radio to discuss what is probably one of the most significant films of our time. The Return to the Hiding Place, the story of Corrie Ten Boom’s youth resistance army, is dramatically expressed in this truly amazing film. This is a live action thriller that shows us what true convictions can cost and what it means to stand against evil. When Hitler invades the Netherlands in 1941 a band of college age students begin a resistance movement that saves the lives of hundreds of Jews and assists the allies in there battle to stop the evil fascist regime of Hitler. Rachel gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of the film and its influence. Franklin Graham calls this a must see film! (http://www.charismanews.com/world/48644-franklin-graham-wants-us-all-to-watch-this-corrie-ten-boom-movie)Tune in at the above listed link!!

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