@Reagan_baby Megan Barth joins Pastor Greg @doseghostman on Chosen Generation to discuss the #boycottindiana #gaynazi attack on #memoriespizza

Megan Barth www.reaganbaby.com joined Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation. On todays program we discuss the hypocrisy of the lefts war on women. While the attack conservatives on policies on women, the same group is buddying up to the ideology the mutilates female genitals and kills homosexuals. Of course I am talking about Islam, where Apple sells in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the noted Arab Emirates, all of which adhere to Sharia Law, calling for death to homosexuals and that women are less than dogs. Yet the left accuses Indiana of discrimination by passing the original RFRA. Unfortunately Governor Pance was forced by entities like Apple, the NCAA, Amy’s List, NASCAR (Yeah Really?), GenCon, Salesforce, Yelp, Connecticut, New York, AFSCME, Washington, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Co Founder of PayPal and several others either spoke against or took specific economically hurtful actions against Indiana for passing a bill that simply gives religious people the right not to participate in actions that violate their faith and which they can prove place a significant burden on their ability to practice their religion. The narrative that started this fire storm was completely made up.Join Megan and Pastor Greg as they discuss this and more.

Listen Here;

Here is the list of the businesses that attacked Indiana:


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