Red Texas bleeding blue in the House Forcing Texas Youth to have Sex

A new bill Texas State HB467 will remove the language in Texas Sex Ed courses that warns about the health risks associated with having sex outside of marriage. The statistics regarding the spread of STD’s amongst teenagers is staggering, that coupled with the problem of sterilization amongst the 20 something crowd due to early sexual activity is one of the most under represented issues in the conversation.

(Carol Everrette discussed these issues on Chosen Generation Last February here: )

Texas legislature which Matt Long reveals is not the conservative stronghold that so many think is pushing through this radical Sex Ed bill. The average score of the predominantly Republican House Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs on the Conservative scorecards is a paltry 38 out of 100. Is it any wonder that hess kinds of bills are being propagated by the traitorous house leadership under Joe Strauss? Dop not expect gun rights protection, marriage protection and protection for the life of the unborn. Do not expect border security or fiscal restraint. They mean to “fundamentally” change Texas and are in league with the Obaa agenda. The time to fight back is now.

Listen here to Matt Long with Pastor Greg and also Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values discussing why we must fight back. Laos Pastor Greg called AG Bob Ferguson’s office and so can you!!
Listen here:

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2 Responses to Red Texas bleeding blue in the House Forcing Texas Youth to have Sex

  1. seven says:

    Do you really believe what you keep saying online and on Facebook or is this just a fake web presence to make fun of extremism? (Such as (See Poe’s law on Wikipedia). My friends and I enjoy reading what are probably the best examples of bat-shit-crazy hate speech that we’ve been able to find on the Internet.

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    • Pastor Greg says:

      Nice using a phony email address.

      So explain what exactly you see as hate speech?

      Are you taking the time to listen to any of the audio? Have you listened to Carol Everette and the efforts that were and are used to encourage early participation in sexual encounters to prep them for having abortions as teenagers? The statistics on kids as young as ten engaging in sex and how many end up visiting abortion clinics?

      I use a little sarcasm not to poke fun at the conservative view but to highlight how crazy it is that we have accepted these behaviors as normal and in fact they are being encouraged in our schools.

      Whether the topic is same sex marriage, abortion, secular humanism or Islam, the guests on the program and the information is something that needs to be understood. I hope before you make further comments you will listen to the information. The I would be glad to discuss your opinion with you.

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