Resetting America, a constitutional solution #TheLibertyPledge Why COV could fail Ernest Lee joined @doseghostman on Chosen Generation

Listen here 95:07 to 120:00

Can a Convention of States Article 5 fix whats wrong with our country? Many have believed that it might be the only answer, however a CRS from 2012 cast real doubt on whether Congress would ever allow such an event to even take place. If that won’t work is there an alternative? Many Americans realize that we are no longer operating as a Constitutional Republic and that our governmental branches have usurped all authority from these Untied States. The cry of so many is “What can we do?” The Liberty Restoration Committee has come up with a plan that they believe can creates a reset button for the United States and put us back on course once again. Ernest Lee has made this his mission and shares what it is and how it works with some exclusive information about #thelibertypledge.


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