Rev Manning reveals Obama Love Child, Michael Connelly of USJF shares Impeachment Documents and UN Treaties usurping the Constitution

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My Monday show consisted of my commentary on news events that you will likely not hear anywhere else. For example did you know that the Essex Social Services in England obtained a High Court order to forcibly sedate a woman and remove her child by caesarean section? Here is a link to the article in the Telegraph
Did you know the same judge who said that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional has now said that a Pastors Housing Allowance is unconstitutional? Also on the program was Jeff Mateer of Liberty Institute to discuss the implications of the Hobby Lobby case being taken by the Supreme Court while they refused to hear the Liberty Institute case which dealt more directly with a Religious institution and what was supposed to be an exemption from the HHS mandate, which forces them to cover abortions in their employee mandated insurance policies. Click here to get to the program

Tonight I had the honor and privilege to listen to a presentation by David Barton of Wallbuilders. He was in San Antonio for a very special Pastoral and San Antonio leadership gathering. I want to thank Alice Patterson of Justice at the Gate, Pastor Charles Flowers of Faith Outreach Church International, Alan Parker of the Justice Foundation and Mark Gonzalez of the Hispanic Action Network for bringing him and for their words of inspiration. It was a dynamic evening and the Lord moved mightily. I look forward to having each of these individuals on the program in the months to come as they lay the groundwork and put in motion the plan for the battle ahead for San Antonio and for Texas.

On Chosen Generation I bring you programming where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. That means that the world view is biblical not passive and not politically correct. God owns politics and He has said who should be in office and who should not. I will get more into this in a separate post, suffice it to say that todays show is going to stretch some of your comfort zones. In 1998 a sitting President had an affair with an intern in the Oval office and then lied about it. His defenders attacked any and all who dared to bring it up and claimed it was a private matter and had nothing to do with his Presidential duties once he admitted it. Today we have a President who has advocated for abortion, threatened to limit aid to countries that do not support his homosexual agenda and sent billions of dollars to foreign enemies to destroy Christians.

On the first half of the program today I will be joined by a familiar guest, the Reverend James David Manning. On todays show Reverend Manning will discuss evidence that suggests another presidential indiscretion, but this gets much worse. Miriam Carey the unarmed woman, driving in DC with her infant in the back seat, supposedly tried to run her vehicle over barriers and into the White House and was shot to death. No autopsy has been released to the family, no official death notice and her sister a retired NYPD Police sergeant, says that it just does not add up. Today Reverend Manning reveals what he knows.

On the second half of the program I will be joined by Michael Connelly, Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation. Michael will discuss the Impeachment documents he has been working on and the implications of this action. Why there are those within the Republican party opposed to the idea and what the continued violations of our constitution by this resident do to destroy the constitution. Also on tap is a briefing on the dangers of the UN Small Arms treaty and how the recent change in filibuster rules and simple majority votes could be used to nullify Constitutional laws by superseding them through treaties.

This will be an explosive show, so you do not want to miss it. During my visit to San Antonio and listening to David Barton and the other speakers it became even more clear to me the need to get Chosen Generation on KSLR in San Antonio with this message. I can not adequately share the sense of urgency that was present in that room. As San Antonio goes so goes Texas. My daughter said something on the show from November 22nd that still brings clarity to why I do this. After listening to Don Jans pulling back the curtain segment, my 14 year old said, “Daddy if the parents and grandparents, your generation don’t do something there will not be an America for me to do anything in.” If not I then who, if not now then when. Remember together we can turn this thing around. I need your support, please help me to spread the word and help activate the body of the Christ.

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  1. Pingback: COUNTERSTRIKE

    Tune: Spontaneous Worship

    All of the gold has been stole from the hold
    of our noble and bold Ship of State!
    Whatever the cost of the values we’ve lost
    must be salvaged, before it’s too late!
    With foundation riddled by those in the middle
    of schemes to perpetuate power,
    We must clear debris, if we’re to remain free,
    resist bondage in this crucial hour!

    Death traps have been set, but it’s not too late yet;
    it is time that their timers be smashed!
    As checks they now write (in amounts out of sight),
    help us shred them before they are cashed!
    Our sights must be focused, not on hocus-pocus,
    “red herring” they drag ’cross their tracks,
    To lead us astray from the strait, narrow way,
    while they put heavy loads on our backs!

    I just keep on hopin’ enough eyes will open,
    for we must resist while we can.
    With muzzle and shackle, they now plan to tackle,
    disarm every woman and man!
    We must be resourceful, as they are more forceful
    we must look to God as our Guide.
    God knows all their schemes, all their rabid extremes,
    and His angels will fight on our side! (repeat last line, ascending)

    Lincoln: “Sir, my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

    ©5/24/2010 9:30 am, Roberta N. Tuthill (1923-),TX-born double DAR-DAC, & DACW.
    ©10/27/2013 10 pm, poem to song dedicated to Joan E. Anderson.
    Sharable with credit lines. Request permission to reproduce for sale.

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