#RussianDeception @LizPeek #TrumpAttacked @FNInsiders #KilroyRising @KilroyRising #Moralterpitude @bruceashford TrumpBashing #ClintonLying #SleezyCampaign #BiasMainstreamMedia #ClintonRacists #InSearchforTruth

#RussianDeception @LizPeek #TrumpAttacked @FNInsiders #KilroyRising @KilroyRising #Moralterpitude @bruceashford TrumpBashing #ClintonLying #SleezyCampaign #BiasMainstreamMedia #ClintonRacists #InSearchforTruth

#ClintonPutin connection is a very dangerous issue. A Common Alinsky tactic is to accuse the other guy of exactly what you are doing. #Killary has done that in accusing Trump of close ties to Russia. Liz Peek Political Analyst joins Pastor Greg to dispel this rumor and discuss the ugly state of this election. Will millennials be convinced it is too sorted to come out and vote?  www.lizpeek.com

#TrumpCharacterAssasination #Killary and her team are systematically assassinating the character of Donald Trump. John Leboutillier weighs in on how they are doing and surprisingly goes back a ways to outline how it began. leboutillier.blogspot.com

#KilroyRising No matter who wins the White House we the people need to take back our nation. The biggest culprit is Federal Over Reach. Government agencies reaching into businesses and individuals lives taking what they want and causing havoc on our nation. Whether you are a large corporation or a small mom and pop operation you and your companies constitutional rights are being stripped away. SO what can be done? Scott Kesterson an Emmy Award winning documentarian of the war in Afghanistan has put together KilroyRising.com and a group of Special Operations members to launch a nationwide grassroots movement to take back control through WE THE PEOPLE> The Deplorables Tour. Listen and learn how you can participate.

#ANaMORALnation will not survive. Have we become and amoral nation? Is there any morality left in this election season? Can we find a way to take back the moral compass in America and is there a candidate that could be swayed? Bruce Ashford Theologian and Seminary Professor joins Pastor Greg for an intense and deeply important conversation. BruceAshford.net

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Yesterdays 10.13.16 Episode

#TrumpBashing #ClintonLying #SleezyCampaign Dan Perkins joins Pastor Greg to discuss the state if this campaign. In the primaries Donald Trump used the National Enquirer to spread false rumors about Ted Cruz. Now it seems the Clinton campaign is going to extraordinary efforts to do the same using the publications they influence #BiasMainstreamMedia   www.danperkinsatsanibel.com

#ClintonRacists Kevin Jackson The Black Sphere Is Clinton another Racist in disguise? How does the Democrat party continue to perpetrate the greatest lie and destruction of any people perhaps in history? theblacksphere.net

#InSearchforTruth George Barna from Barna research once again reveals the truth about attitudes in the body politic as it relates to the Church. CultureFaith.com

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