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Do you have just 8 minutes for a life? Planned Parenthood that receives $20 million dollars in tax payer funding is harvesting human body parts from infants that they murder. In the video you will see top level decision makers in Planned Parenthood sharing how they plan for the harvesting and sale of the parts of aborted babies, including using a procedure that is identical to the Partial Birth Abortion procedure that is against federal law. This video will disgust you, or at least it should as the Doctor eats lunch and drinks her wine while talking about harvesting hearts, livers and “evacuating” the brain intact. In other words a live birth where after the baby is born they mutilate the child to get at the babies organs. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings, Charlie Rangel, Barbra Boxer and Dianne Feinstein among others are huge proponents of abortion. As you will see this has been being reported on since 2000. Yet it continues today and apparently is encouraged at the national level without an official procedure for procurement. I have added the Black Genocide link as well since the number of black babies aborted is so high compared to population. The elimination of the black population was a part of Margaret Sangar’s plan for @PPact from the beginning. Will this cause Planned Parenthood to have to shut down? Will funding to their evil plans finally be terminated? Only you and I can make that happen. Call or visit your local Planned Parenthood facility and demand they stop murdering babies and selling body parts. As you will see this is not an isolated issue.

Expose’ on Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting operation:

@potus @ppact @jmattbarber #plannedbutcherhood #alllivesmatter

Black Genocide:

#DNC @ppact #plannedbutcherhood #alllivesmatter

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