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Senator Ted Cruz will be on the show today!!

Dear Friends,

Have you ever had a day when you felt like you were right up against the edge and about to fall off? Well Monday was that day for me. It might have been going to bed at 4 AM on Saturday morning and then getting up at 6 AM and driving our forty foot bus two hours to the Patriots Rally for Freedom, then driving back home two hours in the bus, arriving back home at 11:30 PM and getting to bed at 3 AM Sunday morning. I might have been a little tired. It might have been that there was an air conditioning malfunction at the station and the temperature in the studio was near 80 degrees, or the lack of finances for the show that are a concern to me. At any rate it was a very weighty day and then there was the spiritual attack. Very intense and very heavy. So that is why there was no message yesterday. Thank you so much to those who are praying for me your prayers are working.They got me through the day. Thank you also to those who blessed the ministry yesterday and today financially. Your blessing was needed on many levels. Keep it coming we are very close.

On todays program I was joined by four uniquely different guests and if you missed it you should definitely follow the link and listen in. First up was John Alan Turner who has a new book entitled “Crazy Stories, Sane God”, where we discuss the verses most Pastors avoid. In the second segment I was joined by Will Estrada who gave us an update on the Romeike case. While we celebrate the decision that was made to allow them to stay indefinitely, we are deeply concerned with the arguments that were used to legally block their asylum in America and the chilling effect these arguments have on homeschooling, parental rights and religious freedom. In the third segment Dr Georgia Purdom joined me from Answers in Genesis to discuss the effect of a biblical worldview on the ability to make scientific discoveries. Here is an article that was just published on the topic:

On the final segment I was joined by Brigitte Gabrielle from Act for America who gave direct terrorist ties to the hijacking of the Malaysian airline, a hypothesis that I had shared at the station last Monday. China is apparently a target of a separatist Islamic extremist group and the potential for a worldwide devastation is very real. I encourage you to be aware. The word says the the prayers of a righteous man availeth much. We must be knowledgeable so that we can battle in the heavenlies as well as be prepared for the battle on earth. Since the show is now two hours I am uploading it in one hour segments. Here are the links:

The first hour featuring John Alan Turner and Will Estrada;

The second hour featuring Dr Georgia Purdom and Brigitte Gabrielle;

On Monday I brought up that the Mayor of New York, Heineken, Samuel Adams and Guinness boycotted the St Patricks Day Parade in New York because they would not allow it to become a gay pride event. I contacted Heineken who by the way is in the Netherlands, the number one destination in the world for those who are involved in human sex trafficking. No one was allowed to carry signs promoting their causes and no one was allowed to decorate their floats to represent a certain view point. It is a celebration of Irish descent and St Patrick who brought salvation to the island. Heineken responded “In this case, please know that our intent was to ensure we were acting in a non-discriminatory way per our global human rights policy. We want to live in a world where no one is discriminated against based on their race, ethnicity, gender or orientation.”
No one was prohibited from attending the event. No one was prohibited in joining the parade as long as they were not waving signs promoting their agenda. The parade has a theme and the theme was not gay pride. I responded back and I am awaiting their response. Could be a while.

On to Wednesdays program. In the first segment I will be joined by Dr Darrell Bock, Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr Bock will join me to discuss is new book with Andreas Kostenberger and Josh Crenshaw, Truth Matters; confident faith in a confusing world. The increase in the attack on the validity of the bible, Christianity, God and the founding of Christianity is sweeping college campuses across America. How do we respond to the questions our kids or grandkids are facing? How could a loving God allow for such a messed up world? If God is so important then why don’t you know more about Him? If the bible is the the divinely inspired inerrant word of God then why is the most read book in your house the TV guide? (Or whatever novel you are reading) These are the questions being posed by Professors across the country in an effort to steal your children and grandchildren away from their faith. Dr Bock has some answers.

In segment two I will be joined by Rob Green the National Director of Trail Life USA, which was started as an answer to the decision by the Boy Scouts to embrace homosexuality. Rob joins me to give us an update on the organization and what they are doing to impact the next generation of young men.
In the third segment I will be joined by my friend Senator Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a man of principle and in a political world which is now dominated by arbitrary rules rather than the rule of law a man of principle is a threat. Senator Cruz joins me to discuss the Ukrainian situation, the lawlessness of the president, the rogue actions of the IRS, the attack on religious liberty and what he sees in the future of America. I am really excited to have him back and I am clearing this half hour so that I can have him on the entire time.

My final segment will be Dan Gainor joining me in the BC Zone, where PC gets the flush. The media attacks the Saint Patricks day parade in New York, ABC and NBC skewed the report while CBS gave some context. I will continue to call for a sell off of Heineken stock, oh now I understand the name better. Remember they reside in the number one human sex trafficking country in the world.
Pelosi says lets use the Obama popularity to add Democratic seats to the house and senate. Yeah that is great strategy I hope they run with it.

Obama and his administration have decided to give up American control of the internet to a foreign organization. An as yet unnamed global organization. The internet which was launched by our military will now be in the hands of a global entity subjecting us to international laws. This is not a joke. This is not tin foil hats folks, this is a real news story, Fox covered extensively and it is scary to imagine.
Finally MSNBC’s Luke Russert says that if the GOP nominates a conservative Presidential candidate there will be a Goldwater moment in 2016.

As always Dan and I reserve the right to change subjects and add content, so tune in and see what we will do.

Folks, things continue to get crazier and crazier and every day seems to bring one more thing that if we do not remain grounded might just blow us over. Now more than ever we must hang on to our faith. Now more than ever we must call on God for this nation. I am hoping to put together several events for this summer. My goal is to reach as many as possible and to see hearts changed and faith activated in our communities, state and ultimately nation. We are living in perilous times, but as Catherine and I discussed on Monday, God is not shocked or dismayed and neither should we be. Please consider joining me though a monthly donation. I really believe that there is light at the end of this tunnel and I believe that you and I are God’s chosen generation. Tell a friend and get involved. Thank you and God bless you!

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