Setting the record straight @tedcruz in Iowa and fighting Executive Over Reach @stevekingIA @realdonaldtrump joined @doseghostman Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation

Listen Here 33:51 to 61:10

Congressman Steve King District 4 Iowa joined Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation to discuss the issue of integrity, morality, religious freedom, stopping executive over reach and setting the record straight on the whole Dr Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz Iowa Caucus brouhaha. Congressman King is heading a select committee to investigate the unlawful Executive Orders of this President and report back on what has happened and make recommendations on what can be done to stop it. he also explains a sit down meeting he had with Dr Carson just 50 Hours after the Iowa Caucus and the conversation he had with Dr Carson and the staffer that realized the news that Carson would be going home to Florida after the Iowa Caucus. This will either bolster your Cruz support or make you question the narrative Donald Trump has been screaming.

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