#socialjustice is the lie of the left @elginh @doseghostman Chosen generation now

Are Social Justice and Truth compatible? Why is it necessary to use an adjective to describe Justice? If Justice is derived from truth then why must a particular type of justice be defined in abstract to other forms of justice? Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. joined Pastor Greg today on Chosen Generation as they addressed this campaign of disinformation. Why was the narrative of “Hands up don’t shoot” not a problem when it was discovered that it was a lie? The whole idea of “social justice” is to pervert justice and turn it into an agenda driver. Is there a biblical correlation between social justice and biblical truth? Liberal “theologians” have attempted to claim that “social justice” is a biblical truth. How do you combat that and how do you fight the deceptive practices of those that twist scripture to fit there agendas. Listen here as Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. discusses this with Pastor Greg :


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