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So I have patiently waited for the main stream media, ok well, the non main stream media to draw us back to the empty chair conversation of 2012. I mean Obama walked right into it. Especially when claiming that he gets National Security briefs every morning! Really like on the golf course or what? Did you see the look of the Generals and the military continent at the SOTU? The ones that show up every day to give the briefing that Obama is  not there to hear, think empty chair. When America is under attack by terrorists on our own soil, we have the empty chair. When there is a crisis abroad because of the policies of this administration we have, the empty chair. During the Benghazi attack we had the empty chair. During the Chattanooga attack we had the empty chair. San Bernadino? Empty chair. Mexican cartels shooting at our border patrol? Empty chair. American forces pinned down in Afghanistan, empty chair. American economy unraveling, empty chair. ISIS shoots police officer in Philadelphia, empty chair.

Ben Johnson of Life Site News joined Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation Radio to discuss the “Empty Chair” and the war on women #SOTU

Listen Here!



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