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Thank you for visiting my page.I am glad to have you hear. Be sure to go to the radio page and check out the Chosen Generation shows. My goal is to have informative guests and to discuss cultural issues through a biblical lens. I will not shy away from the topics of today no matter how controversial and I will be calling sin, sin. Jesus never shied away from referring to those around Him as sinners and He was not shy about saying go and sin no more. In Fact in Matthew 4 we read that He went calling them to repentance because the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand. We have the good news and that is the antidote for sin. Jesus Christ death and resurrection is the only way for any of us to be forgiven and to get free from sin.
Imagine this scenario. A man goes to see his doctor and upon examination the doctor refers him to an oncologist. The man goes to see the oncologist and after several tests the oncologist confirms the first doctors suspicion. Stage four cancer is the diagnosis. Now normally they would begin treatment and even though the cancer is in an advanced stage there is in fact a cure. The first doctor tells the oncologist they should tell the man what he has so he can make an educated decision to seek treatment. The oncologist however has spent some time with the patient and feels that the diagnosis and treatment would cause a lifestyle change and the patient seems happy with the life he has so the oncologist tells the first doctor that he will not tell him and in fact that he will tell him he is fine. Further if the first doctor attempts to tell the patient he is sick the oncologist will have the first doctors license revoked. The oncologist calls the patient in and tells him he is fine and just to ensure the first doctor can not interfere he tells the patient that the other doctor has a habit of diagnosing things to try to change people’s lives because he is in the pockets of the treatment companies and that the patient should stay away from him. The first doctor tries on many occasions to speak to the patient and as promised the oncologist does everything in his power to have the license of the first doctor removed. He finally succeeds and the first doctor was forced to close his practice. The oncologist continues to hide the truth of the diagnosis from his patients and many suffer and die, some within years and some within months. After only a few months the original patient begins to feel very ill and he returns to the oncologist. The oncologist continues to insist he is fine and might just need some rest. However not long after this the cancer becomes so advanced that the patient is unable to get out of bed. Beginning to doubt his true condition he calls the oncologist who again tells him he will be alright. The oncologist justifies his actions by believing that the treatment would not have been good for the patient and the patient should not have to change his lifestyle. He convinces himself that those pushing for use of the treatment are all wrong. Not long after this the patient experiences excruciating suffering and dies. Many years go by and the oncologist ages, then one day he too is diagnosed with cancer. By this time he has so convinced himself of the lack of the need for a cure that he refuses the treatment. Within weeks he becomes so ill that he too can not rise up from bed. The first doctor who whose license was taken because of the oncologist learns of the oncologists fate. He gets some of the cure and despite what was done to him goes and takes with him the cure. The oncologist who has denied the cure to so many lets the doctor administer the cure and he is made well. From that day forward he works tirelessly to bring the cure to all of his patients. He goes to the family of the first patient and seeks their forgiveness and establishes a treatment in honor of the man. I too, have been healed from sin through Jesus Christ. I spent some years walking in rebellion and rejecting His love and forgiveness. I am certain that there are those who I met a long the way that do not know Jesus and I did nothing to help. While I never told them not to pursue Christ I certainly did nothing to lead them there. Perhaps you have been there too? Well I believe that Chosen Generation is about realizing that no matter what we have done or been in the past there is hope, because from the moment we accept the cure which is jesus Christ we become agents with the antidote and our job, purpose and responsibility is to share that message and to aid those who are doing so. Please join me in reaching the lost with the good news and being educated on the issues so you are better equipped to fight the good fight. Sin is our enemy and it leads to death and destruction. Jesus Christ is life and He leads to health and blessings and abundant life. My God bless your day!!

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