The deception of Academia and a lost generation

Academia has stolen an entire generation. They have been brain washed to believe that America is bad, sinful and owes the foreign and ethnic groups of the world for their so called oppression. That the immigration issue is about America which has too much and Americans who are to greedy ( those who have sacrificed, built, sweat blood, loved God and the bible and supported the Constitution) and need to share their ill gotten wealth with these poor oppressed souls. College students are fed the same lies espoused by the likes of Linda Darling Hammond and Bill Ayers and the SDS/Weatherunderground that vilified our veterans fighting communism in Vietnam. Unless a person has chosen to educate themselves or has been exposed to truth from some source other than main stream then they have ingested some of the kool aide if they are under 45 years of age. Guard your hearts and minds and those of your loved ones. Pray for God to intervene in America and be His Chosen Generation. God bless you all.

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