#TheDeplorablesTour @KilroyRising #Terrorism @destin4fame #VoterFraud @derrickwilburn #HealthFreedom @SharingLHS #Assange @daughertyMJ

#TheDeplorablesTour @KilroyRising #Terrorism @destin4fame #VoterFraud @derrickwilburn #HealthFreedom @SharingLHS #Assange @daughertyMJ

***BREAKING*** LIVE UPDATE from The Deplorables Tour #KilroyRising #Terrprism – coming to Ignite the Fire this monthKilroy-Rising

David K Jackson Pastor, Marine, Embassy Guard, Faith Warrior joins Pastor Greg to discuss our national security risks and our failings. What can be done? WWW.DAVIDKJACKSON.COM
Get David’s book now!Life In The Second Half

#VoterFraud Derrick Wilburn Black and Conservative joins Pastor Greg today at the bottom of the first hour.  rmblackconservatives.com

Watch this new video released by Project Veritas, published on Oct 11, 2016, where James O’Keefe exposes what everyone except Democrats have known to be true. There is a lot of voter fraud.

#HealthFreedom Liberty HealthShare #obamacareFail Matt Bellis joins Pastor Greg.#ObamacareFail #HealthFreedomNow Are you tired of rising medical costs? Are you tired of waiting for the laws to change? Have you had enough of being told what Doctor you can use or can’t use? Do long for the days when the Doctor actually had time to listen to your issues and not just pass you off to a rotating group of nurses or PA’s? (No Offense folks!) The system is broke but Liberty HealthShare has started a revolution in the Health Care industry with Medical Health Sharing. Tune in now to hear Matt Bellis share with Pastor Greg a millennials view on how taking back control of your health care matters! www.libertyhealthshare.org

#Assange #InternetFreedom Michael Daugherty what has happened to Assange is what we warned you about.   michaeljdaugherty.com
Get Michael’s book here: The Devil Inside the Beltway!

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