Time to act!! Grandma needs our help!!

Barronelle Stutzman, is a Christian florist in the State of Washington who believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, but like many Christians today she has been attacked by militant homosexuals who have demanded she violate her beliefs and endorse their behavior. Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson who was the subject of a case I covered on my radio show where he took babies from their parents at the behest of the children’s grandmother because as an atheist she could not stomach her daughter raising the children in a Christian home. You can hear the interview with their Attorney Stephen Pidgeon here:


and where they were put under house arrest but “allowed” to have their children as foster care parents.
(Begins at the 25 minute mark)


This AG has a serious issue with Christianity and with any Christians who follow their faith. He has stated he intends to punish Mrs. Stutzman for her discriminatory behavior including taking away her home and making her homeless as an example. He is continuing to do the same thing with the Rengo family. So I am asking you to take action.

Please call AG Bob Ferguson and tell him there is a US Constitution and it includes a first amendment right (360) 753-6200


Latest update on Rengo’s who tried to get away to keep their children from being taken by the State.


The Grandmother is an avowed atheist and had a major issue with her daughters christian beliefs. I interviewed their attorney Stephen Pidgeon on my radio show twice. CPS in Washington has ben out of control for years. it is in part what prompted Michael Farris to start parental rights.org.

Who ever called this in might have thought they were helping but that is not going to be the case. The children were very sick when the parents got them back before. The trauma to these children will likely be irreparable unless a miracle occurs. The mistake they made was staying on the West Coast.

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