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It is Wednesday and that means it is time to enter into the BC Zone with my friend Dan Gainor, Executive Vice President of Media Research Center. On the show today, Karl Rove is saying that any discussion about the Clinton’s past is off limits to Republicans. Should the history of intimidation and retaliation, which we know was used at the State Department be off limits? Why would we want a continuation of the Chicago thug style politics we are witnessing right now? Where is the media in pointing out the threats against those who wished to testify on Benghazi? The Clinton’s always said they were unfairly targeted yet they continued to use their strong arm tactics.

Wendy Davis is the lefts best hope for a Gubernatorial candidate and her earning potential was astronomical this past winter. However her latest interviews paint a picture of a candidate struggling to find her place. Will she take a book out of the Clinton/Obama playbook and try to look more centrist as she proceeds? Will she go back to the liberal stance that ignited the liberal Democrats and sent her to the east coast to pick up a stash of cash for her campaign? What will the media do to protect their darling and for how long?

Other topics to discuss will be the Lawless Obama presidency, Bill Nye is the sudden proponent of everything left in the scientific world, Facebook announces gender variances 50 ways to state you gender, buying an ambassadorship, NOT A PROBLEM, finally, the lefts continued attack on Ted Cruz.
As always Dan and I will be politically incorrect in our discussion of these headlines.

On Monday in the second half of the program my guest Jeff Mateer of Liberty institute and I discussed the speech by Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, “The Silent War on Religious Liberty”. This war on our religious freedoms is the destruction of our constitution by denying the First Amendment. This is a dangerous issue for us here in America and it is no more evident than in our pulpits. There can be no one who has a greater ability to speak about the issues of evil being called good and good being called evil than the Pastors in the pulpits. John the Baptist called out King Herod for his adultery with his brothers wife. Paul spoke of the wickedness of the Sadducees and the Pharisees. Jesus called out the leaders of Israel as being of their father the devil for their lies and deceit. Peter spoke first in the center of the city and then to the leadership telling then to repent and turn to Jesus Christ, offering that it is better to listen to God rather than to men. If Nathan never goes to David he does not repent for both his adultery and his murder of Uriah. Samuel was sent to tear the kingdom from Saul for his rebellion and disobedience. God has called his shepherds throughout biblical history and church history to be the voice that calls a nation to repentance. If not now then when if not us then who and if not here then where? There is no other place left like Texas. No offense to any other states bu Texas is the last battle field, it is the where and the time is now and the who is us.

On the second half of the program I will be joined by James Williamson who brings his unique perspective on the headlines of the day. Not in My Town, this segment brings James back on the radio. James spent a number of years doing radio here at KERV and this is his opportunity to bring his commentary to you. Let us know what you think.

Thank you again for tuning in and listening to the program. Be sure to tell a friend. There are several ways to get the show. Listen live at 10 AM CST at the link from www.pastorgregyoung.org , or click on the all episodes link and listen at your convenience. Craig Cosgray was on the program today. Craig is a regular supporter of the program, but he is also very active in fighting for the freedoms we hold so dear. Will yo join Craig as a regular contributor to the program? You can do that when you visit the web site. Thank you for your prayers and support. Remember together we can turn this thing around!

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