#TPP danger!! How do we stop their #NWO agenda? Listen here:https://app.box.com/s/sywt9v9vls7vadwz3ohykvlbuf495vba

Dan Gainor opens the segment with Pastor Greg on Chosen Generation discussing the medias continued selective story narrative to continue to advance their racist message. No shooters that are not advancing their ideas will be identified and the heinous stories told. What about the three black thugs that raped and murdered the white pastors wife? No coverage. How about the Bunny Park massacre in Louisiana ? Another black felon with a history of violence and known criminal associations. No MSM coverage! And if you tap about Syrian refugees? Your an insensitive bigot.

Then Curtis Ellis www.obamatrade.com joins Pastor Greg to discuss how to stop TPP. This dangerous treaty will strip America of her liberty and sovereignty. We must act now!!


Tune in here

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