#Trump Exposed is he a #Technocrat @realdonaldtrump @doseghostman #Technocracyrising

Patrick Wood author of Technocracy Rising and an early educator on the dangers of the Trilateral Commission joins Pastor Greg to discuss the dangers we face in this election season. Is #DonaldTrump @RealDonaldTrump a Technocrat¬†? What would it mean if he is and can we know for sure? Italy and Greece elected men with similar backgrounds in 2010 to be their Prime Ministers. What has been the result for those two countries? How do Technocracy and Nationalism work together? Is America the next Germany? Why or why not? Patrick answers this and more listen here. Part Two¬†Jonathan Saenz Texas Values addresses the North Carolina issue. Why must we protect our girls from men using their bathrooms? What does the LGBT community want with their push for transgender “equality”? Is the First Amendment still valid in America?

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